Friday, September 28, 2012

Soccer Match Results for Wednesday, September 26

Congratulations to the KIS Varsity Boys in their victory over School 100 with the score 4-1. The four goals were scored by Haider, Andrew, Kunal, and Maxi, the goalie.  This was the team's 4th victory out of the five games they played this season. The streak of victory seems to be quite consistent, so hopefully it will stay that way.

By Olexandra Rovinska

HELP Club Splashes on Uganda's Need for Safe Water

Raising money for safe drinking water in Uganda was just one of the ways the Kyiv International School HELP Club has grown into one of the major humanitarian and environmental organizations in school. It was a campaign associated with the Clear Water Initiative – one of the major clean water suppliers in Africa. Our school made a significant contribution in improving the quality of life in Uganda.

This year, Kyiv International School HELP Club has started a humanitarian campaign to raise funds for disabled people in need of wheelchairs in Turkey and Ukraine. Donation boxes will be placed in the snack bar and the cafeteria to collect money. There are people who are unable to walk and cannot afford the necessary equipment to help them. According to the UNDP Mission in Ukraine, there are about 2.5 Million handicapped people in Ukraine, and most are unemployed due to lack of government support. The goal is to make their life easier. Every donation counts. Please contact the HELP Club officials for additional information toward the program.

For more information about the lack of government support for the disabled people in Ukraine, visit:

By Kirill Skorobogatov 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Preschool, New Weight Room, and New Fan Stands

New Preschool building, new weight room, and new fan stands are just the beginning of a big list of innovations approaching KIS. I visited our new School Director Mr. Rehberg to ask him a few questions about the upcoming school year and about the improvements that await KIS. To my surprise, I discovered substantial improvements are on the way.

First of all, a new weight room is expected to be available within the next week. The equipment will be located above the gym, where the middle school balcony is located. Anyone in the KIS community who is willing to devote the time to work out can utilize the machines . It is another stride towards a healthier KIS community. It's a great opportunity for everyone, but as KIS media teacher  Mrs.D'Ettorre said: "It's another stress in my life because I know I need to be up there, but where do I find the time?" Well, let's see how that idea will work out for KIS.

Mr.Rehberg, School Director
Secondly, additonal fan stands are going to be provided around the soccer field in the very near future. Fans will be able to sit and cheer for KIS teams during all outdoor sporting events. The hope is it will encourage fans to come out, and improve school spirit. I have heard many people say that our opponents usually have more fans than we do on our field. Will you come and lift up our teams and cheer them on, especially when comfortable and cozy benches are provided.

I spoke further with Mr.Rehberg about the plans for the 2013-2014 school year. At the moment, the school is anticipating an absolutely brand new preschool building which will be located very close to the current KIS campus. The predicted opening will be at the beginning of the next school year. It is a necessary action because KIS has been running out of classrooms due to the increasing number of students. Great news for secondary students, no more small kids running around the school, and parents you can be sure that your children are going to be under closer supervision because teachers will not be distracted by elementary, middle, and secondary school students
As you can see, KIS is already building up new plans, and the school is transforming right before your eyes. Not to be boasting, but if such innovations will continue to come, Kyiv International School will become the finest QSI school.

By Anastasiya Zamula

STUCO's Blasting High School Plans

Dijana - The President
Secondary students, did you mark Friday the 28th of September on your calendar for the Clash of Classes? Did you buy your party attire for the Homecoming Dance? These two upcoming Fall events are only a small part of the extended plan created for you by  STUCO with Dijana Spasenoska as the head.

Dominic - The Vice-President
The Clash of the Classes is the first event organized by this year's Student Council. This Friday, all the participants will stay after-school to cheer on the Varsity Boys' and Girls' Teams in their soccer matches. Afterwards, around 6:30 pm, the "clash" will launch. There will be a series of competitions where Secondary II, III, and IV students will be challenging Secondary I. In other words, it will be the ritual which is often shown in movies, but this won't be dangerous or embarrassing, on the contrary, it will be an
Shi - The Secretary
 opportunity to unify the diverse age groups. When the sun begins to set, students will enjoy a bonfire and fireworks. The Clash of the Classes is promising to be an unforgettable experience, so don't forget to bring in your permission form by Thursday, which is tomorrow. It's completely free, with food and drinks provided!

The second Fall event will be more formal; it will be the Homecoming dance. KISToday will report the details about this as soon as information will be available. Right now, the expectation is that STUCO will host the dance before the October break.

Angela - The Treasurer
In addition to these one-time events, there will be some changes which will last throughout the whole year. The Student Council is already in the process of getting a Kozak mascot. The president says, "I already talked to some companies about it. I think it will encourage the teams because now KCA won't be the only school to have a mascot (the eagle) during the games." Next on the list is the renovation of the student lounge, making the area more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the KIS students. Finally, the Student Council will work with numerous clubs inside and outside of school, such as the KIS Help Club, in order to add diversity to school life.
Giorgi - The Secondary II Class Representative

Dijana Spasenoska, the president, also states, "This year I think I have a wonderful team with  great potential. We are planning some big projects, and events. I hope you guys will get pumped up for the events, and you will participate in the creation of a better KIS."

By Olexandra Rovinska

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer Match Results for Monday, September 24

Congratulations to the KIS Junior Varsity Boys and Girls, as well as the Varsity Girls Soccer Teams who played on Monday against the KCA teams.

The Junior Varsity Boys tied 1-1. Max scored the goal for KIS and proved that our JV Boys are back on track.

The Junior Varsity Girls won 2-0. The two goals were scored by Maria L. and Polina, both being assisted by Ana.

The Varsity Girls won 5-1. The first three goals, scored by Amber and Sasha, were made within the first five minutes of the game, with Ivanna's goal following shortly. The fifth goal from the KIS side was shot by Katja in the second half of the match.

Way to go, KIS!
By Olexandra Rovinska

Friday, September 21, 2012

Soccer Match Results for Friday, September 21

Congratulations to the KIS Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Teams who played today against their respective rival teams from PSI.

The Varsity Boys won 4-1. The first goal was scored by Kunal during the first half of the game. During the second half, Artem scored first, followed by Vova L. who shot from Alex's beautiful assist, and then Haider.

The Junior Varsity Boys lost 5-0. Nonetheless, they haven't lost their team spirit. They tried their best and gained a lot of experience from the game.

"I know that along with my team, I can pour my heart out there and win with glory." - Tomer.

Well done, boys!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

With the New School Year Come New School Policies

As we all have heard and know, with this new school year came new school policies for secondary students. Our school and administration have revised several policies of our school, the major three being the new tardy, language, and D-policies. Now every time you are either late a total of three times to class, or speak a language other than English a total of three times or receive a D within the quintile, it will result in that student having to attend Saturday school for three hours on a Saturday morning. According to the new policies, if you are sent to Saturday School more than once, it can lead to a meeting with the student’s parents.

At first, the students’ initial reactions to the ideas of these new policies were fairly negative and many students had issues and complaints about them. However, after the meetings held to further explain the details of the new policies and the whole purpose for all the changes that were made, there was a little bit more of an acceptance of them.

In past years, the D-policy was the main policy that was enforced, and had the most controversy. Therefore, one would think that this new, even stricter D-policy would bring up the most issues and complaints from the student body. However, in talking to students it appears to be the complete opposite. Almost all of the students that I talked to seemed to say the same thing, that although the new D-policy is a lot stricter than that of the D-policies of previous years, they all agree that it is fair and a needed improvement to the old D-policy. In fact, the real issue that most of the students had was the new tardy policy.

Most of the students agreed that the tardy policy was too strict and that three times is definitely not enough chances before Saturday school is given, especially with breaks in the afternoon classes being only 3 minutes long; it can be a struggle not to be late even for those who are not dragging their feet and socializing in the halls.

One high school student really summarized what most other students also said:
I find that there are certain cases in which the policies are too strict; one of the advantages of an international school is that we are in contact with other cultures and when learning a language it can be useful to practice it with native speakers. Yet I do understand why the ban on languages was put, in some cases native speakers constantly talk to their peers only in their native language slowing down the process of their English-learning. I find that Saturday school is an unjust punishment for those who are tardy and it would be much better if students were just kept after class or during break. For the D policy Saturday school makes more sense and I understand why it was included

The only thing that the students were not in total agreement on was their opinion of the new Language policy. Some students said that it was too strict and unnecessary, others said they didn’t particularly like it but that they understood why it was made, and some others said that they strongly supported it.

Mr. Blaho, Secondary Director of Instruction 
However, when it comes down to it, no matter what the students think or feel about these new polices, they were all put in place for students' benefit to make sure that they get all they can out of their education while here and making sure that they are doing the things they should, in order to be prepared to take that next step after high school. In fact, that was one of the main points made by Mr. Blaho, when talking to him about these new policies. He stated that the whole reason for these new policies and Saturday school is to ultimately help the students become more successful in the class room.

Recently, one of the new policies, the tardy policy, has been changed and now instead of only three tardies per term before Saturday school is given; it is ten tardies per term. After talking to Mr. Blaho I found out the reason for this change. Originally administration worked with the teachers to come up with these new policies, and therefore the policies we have now are the results of this. However, after the school year started administration asked the teachers again and they all came to the unanimous decision to change the number of tardies. Ultimately the reasoning behind it came down to the vast amount of possible times in which a student could be tardy in a term. Mr. Blaho stated, the first term is 74 days and with 9 periods in a day, that’s over six hundred periods in which a student could become tardy and receive Saturday school. Therefore, with the unanimous agreement of the teachers they ultimately decided that this was a necessary change to the tardy policy.

- Timothy Roby

Country Highlights: Korea

By Brian Jung

Korea is beautiful country with lots of great food, amusement parks and weather. Seoul is the capital city and the largest city in South Korea. Seoul has a population of over 10 million and is one of the largest cities in the world. Korea is a nice country to live, but there is a lot of noise because of traffic. Fortunately, the city offers many good parking places and amusement parks to visit.

Korea is in the notheastern part of the Asian continent with China and Japan. The distance between Japan and South Korea is around 400 miles and between China and South Korea is around 603 miles. Korea has many mountains which cover 70% of the land mass.

Korea is known for hot and spicy food. The most famous food is kimchi. It’s known in several countries, but many foreigners do not like kimchi. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t like it, but all people have different taste. If you visit Korea, you will want to try traditional kimchi

2 large Chinese Cabbages
230g rock salt and water
10 tablespoon of fish sauce
10 tablespoon of red pepper powder
1 onion
4-5 cloves of garlic
1 oriental pear
1 tablespoon of salt
1/2 tablespoon of sugar
pinch of ginger
4 spring onions

Korea doesn’t have Disney Land or Disney World, but they have other amusement parks such as Ever land, Lotte World etc… Seoul Land is very famous for kids. There are lots of good rides and it’s really fun. I highly recommend a visit to Seol Land.

Korea has four perfect seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It’s not too warm in Spring, not too hot in Summer, not too cool in Fall and not too cold in Winter. Some foreigners come to Korea just to experience the weather. In Korea during the winter, you will never feel lonely like in Ukraine. You can go to the parks in all seasons, they are always really beautiful.

South Korea is a really beautiful country to live in and to enjoy. It has nice amusement parks, good weather and tasty food. Korea has almost everything you need to live, and it is getting better and better. I hope this helps you to understand how wonderful a country Korea is and I hope you will visit someday.

New Athletic Director Brings Enthusiasm, Energy, and Experience.

Every school year is like a new beginning; new students, new teachers, new friends, new classes, and last but not least a new fall season of sports and activities. Not only is the season new, but so is the man behind it all, Mr. Curry, our new athletic director. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Mr. Curry has come all the way from Tirana, Albania to provide us with a great athletic program this year. Using his previous experience as an athlete, coach, and athletic coordinator, he is looking forward to helping to improve KIS’s school spirit by spreading energy and enthusiasm for sports and activities. Mr. Curry loves sports and travel. Like a good Canadian, his favorite sport is hockey, which he played throughout high school; however he is open to many sports. His repertoire of sports includes soccer, ice hockey, baseball, and golf, among many others.
Mr. Curry -  New Athletic Director at KIS

Anyone interested in joining an after school activity for this fall season may choose from these options: Cross Country, Soccer, Model United Nations (MUN), Speech and Debate, and MS Robotics. Practices for all activities have already started. “The high school Boys soccer team has had a few practices already; they look quite sharp I may add” affirmed Mr. Curry.  Middle school has sport practices during Tuesdays and Thursdays while secondary school has them three times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For other activities practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays for middle school, and Tuesdays and Thursdays for secondary students. Practices have been scheduled this way in order to provide a chance for all students who wish to participate in both sports and an activity.

With the beginning of fall season sports, the soccer teams have been training hard in order to give their best during their games. The Varsity boys and girls teams have had successful matches so far, as well as the JV teams. The Cross Country team has also been preparing hard for their final competition which will take place in Tirana, Albania.

There are many ways to support these teams. We encourage you to come after school and watch the games. Below you will find a schedule of all the matches with the time and location. Also throughout the season there are bake sales to fund traveling and other expenses for the teams. Show your Kozak spirit and help! 

By: Nadia Rendon 

The KIS Annie Jr. Musical Production

The Annie Jr. Musical is the new sensation at school. Mrs. Jones is the director of the Annie Jr. Musical. "I've loved musical theater as long as I can remember," says Mrs. Jones, "I loved that through music and dance, you could tell a story." All her life she was surrounded by musical theaters. She grew up watching the Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Annie and many other classical musicals. When she became older, she performed in the operetta Hansel and Gretel where she played Hansel. As an adult, she organized a summer music program where students wrote, directed and performed an original musical.

About the production of the Annie Jr. Musical Mrs. Jones remarks, "I chose Annie for KIS because of its positive message but also because it is a wonderful introduction to musical theater for those who may not know a lot about it. I think it is a show that everyone can enjoy."

The Annie Jr. auditions were held on August 29th and 30th. Over fifty students participated and every single one of them received a role. Annie Jr. is a musical for everyone since it includes singing, acting, and dancing.  The show is promising to be a spectacular event with Nadya and Isabelle, two elementary students, starring as Annie. The KIS performance of Annie Jr. will premiere on the 24th of October with a second show on the 25th. Visit http// for more information about the production of the Annie Jr. Musical, including a full cast list.
By Olexandra Rovinska 

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Beginnings

As a senior at KIS, I understand what new students are going through. Since I came back to KIS after a year of studying in a different school I realized how much the community of our school has changed. Students at KIS go through three basic phases: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. I interviewed two students from each group that just went through this big transition.

 Robert, 6 y.o. Class:  

Interviewer: How do you like classes so far?  

Robert: They are hard, but I am doing all the work. I like going outside with my friends.

Sarnika, 6 y.o. Class:

Interviewer: Is it difficult to study in elementary school and what is good about being in school?  

Sarnika : It’s easy, classes are not so hard, and I like teacher and that they bring us on the bus to see real animals, like spiders in cages. 

Iilya, 11 y.o Class:

Interviewer: How do you feel about your recent transition to Middle School?  

Iilya: I thought it would be harder, but it’s really not. The teachers are good; they give us easier stuff at the beginning, so we could have some fun being in middle school. We got more freedom, it’s awesome.  

Interviewer: Freedom is great, but how are you going to keep up with all the work?

Iilya: Teachers are helping me a lot. They are emailing me stuff, and I can ask if I don’t get something.

Alex, 11y.o. Class:

Interviewer: How do you like school so far?

Alex: Maybe there is more homework, but you get used to it. The teachers are better, and I like it more than elementary. I like to be treated as an adult.

Bryan, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How is this year different from last year?

Bryan: Well, first of all, lockers are bigger. There are new faces. I find high school much harder, especially reading and writing. I like new containers as well.

Polina, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How do you like high school?

Polina: Yeah, it’s good. I like the lockers. More studying than in middle school, but I expected that. I would like longer breaks between classes, but otherwise it’s all good.

As you can see, Elementary students are enjoying their time spending time outside and discovering nature, middle schoolers finally have the freedom they have always wanted, and Secondary I Students are just glad they have normal lockers. Everyone is satisfied so far, but how will it change throughout the year?

By Anastasiya Zamula