Friday, September 28, 2012

HELP Club Splashes on Uganda's Need for Safe Water

Raising money for safe drinking water in Uganda was just one of the ways the Kyiv International School HELP Club has grown into one of the major humanitarian and environmental organizations in school. It was a campaign associated with the Clear Water Initiative – one of the major clean water suppliers in Africa. Our school made a significant contribution in improving the quality of life in Uganda.

This year, Kyiv International School HELP Club has started a humanitarian campaign to raise funds for disabled people in need of wheelchairs in Turkey and Ukraine. Donation boxes will be placed in the snack bar and the cafeteria to collect money. There are people who are unable to walk and cannot afford the necessary equipment to help them. According to the UNDP Mission in Ukraine, there are about 2.5 Million handicapped people in Ukraine, and most are unemployed due to lack of government support. The goal is to make their life easier. Every donation counts. Please contact the HELP Club officials for additional information toward the program.

For more information about the lack of government support for the disabled people in Ukraine, visit:

By Kirill Skorobogatov