Friday, September 7, 2012

New Beginnings

As a senior at KIS, I understand what new students are going through. Since I came back to KIS after a year of studying in a different school I realized how much the community of our school has changed. Students at KIS go through three basic phases: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. I interviewed two students from each group that just went through this big transition.

 Robert, 6 y.o. Class:  

Interviewer: How do you like classes so far?  

Robert: They are hard, but I am doing all the work. I like going outside with my friends.

Sarnika, 6 y.o. Class:

Interviewer: Is it difficult to study in elementary school and what is good about being in school?  

Sarnika : It’s easy, classes are not so hard, and I like teacher and that they bring us on the bus to see real animals, like spiders in cages. 

Iilya, 11 y.o Class:

Interviewer: How do you feel about your recent transition to Middle School?  

Iilya: I thought it would be harder, but it’s really not. The teachers are good; they give us easier stuff at the beginning, so we could have some fun being in middle school. We got more freedom, it’s awesome.  

Interviewer: Freedom is great, but how are you going to keep up with all the work?

Iilya: Teachers are helping me a lot. They are emailing me stuff, and I can ask if I don’t get something.

Alex, 11y.o. Class:

Interviewer: How do you like school so far?

Alex: Maybe there is more homework, but you get used to it. The teachers are better, and I like it more than elementary. I like to be treated as an adult.

Bryan, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How is this year different from last year?

Bryan: Well, first of all, lockers are bigger. There are new faces. I find high school much harder, especially reading and writing. I like new containers as well.

Polina, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How do you like high school?

Polina: Yeah, it’s good. I like the lockers. More studying than in middle school, but I expected that. I would like longer breaks between classes, but otherwise it’s all good.

As you can see, Elementary students are enjoying their time spending time outside and discovering nature, middle schoolers finally have the freedom they have always wanted, and Secondary I Students are just glad they have normal lockers. Everyone is satisfied so far, but how will it change throughout the year?

By Anastasiya Zamula