Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Preschool, New Weight Room, and New Fan Stands

New Preschool building, new weight room, and new fan stands are just the beginning of a big list of innovations approaching KIS. I visited our new School Director Mr. Rehberg to ask him a few questions about the upcoming school year and about the improvements that await KIS. To my surprise, I discovered substantial improvements are on the way.

First of all, a new weight room is expected to be available within the next week. The equipment will be located above the gym, where the middle school balcony is located. Anyone in the KIS community who is willing to devote the time to work out can utilize the machines . It is another stride towards a healthier KIS community. It's a great opportunity for everyone, but as KIS media teacher  Mrs.D'Ettorre said: "It's another stress in my life because I know I need to be up there, but where do I find the time?" Well, let's see how that idea will work out for KIS.

Mr.Rehberg, School Director
Secondly, additonal fan stands are going to be provided around the soccer field in the very near future. Fans will be able to sit and cheer for KIS teams during all outdoor sporting events. The hope is it will encourage fans to come out, and improve school spirit. I have heard many people say that our opponents usually have more fans than we do on our field. Will you come and lift up our teams and cheer them on, especially when comfortable and cozy benches are provided.

I spoke further with Mr.Rehberg about the plans for the 2013-2014 school year. At the moment, the school is anticipating an absolutely brand new preschool building which will be located very close to the current KIS campus. The predicted opening will be at the beginning of the next school year. It is a necessary action because KIS has been running out of classrooms due to the increasing number of students. Great news for secondary students, no more small kids running around the school, and parents you can be sure that your children are going to be under closer supervision because teachers will not be distracted by elementary, middle, and secondary school students
As you can see, KIS is already building up new plans, and the school is transforming right before your eyes. Not to be boasting, but if such innovations will continue to come, Kyiv International School will become the finest QSI school.

By Anastasiya Zamula