Wednesday, September 26, 2012

STUCO's Blasting High School Plans

Dijana - The President
Secondary students, did you mark Friday the 28th of September on your calendar for the Clash of Classes? Did you buy your party attire for the Homecoming Dance? These two upcoming Fall events are only a small part of the extended plan created for you by  STUCO with Dijana Spasenoska as the head.

Dominic - The Vice-President
The Clash of the Classes is the first event organized by this year's Student Council. This Friday, all the participants will stay after-school to cheer on the Varsity Boys' and Girls' Teams in their soccer matches. Afterwards, around 6:30 pm, the "clash" will launch. There will be a series of competitions where Secondary II, III, and IV students will be challenging Secondary I. In other words, it will be the ritual which is often shown in movies, but this won't be dangerous or embarrassing, on the contrary, it will be an
Shi - The Secretary
 opportunity to unify the diverse age groups. When the sun begins to set, students will enjoy a bonfire and fireworks. The Clash of the Classes is promising to be an unforgettable experience, so don't forget to bring in your permission form by Thursday, which is tomorrow. It's completely free, with food and drinks provided!

The second Fall event will be more formal; it will be the Homecoming dance. KISToday will report the details about this as soon as information will be available. Right now, the expectation is that STUCO will host the dance before the October break.

Angela - The Treasurer
In addition to these one-time events, there will be some changes which will last throughout the whole year. The Student Council is already in the process of getting a Kozak mascot. The president says, "I already talked to some companies about it. I think it will encourage the teams because now KCA won't be the only school to have a mascot (the eagle) during the games." Next on the list is the renovation of the student lounge, making the area more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the KIS students. Finally, the Student Council will work with numerous clubs inside and outside of school, such as the KIS Help Club, in order to add diversity to school life.
Giorgi - The Secondary II Class Representative

Dijana Spasenoska, the president, also states, "This year I think I have a wonderful team with  great potential. We are planning some big projects, and events. I hope you guys will get pumped up for the events, and you will participate in the creation of a better KIS."

By Olexandra Rovinska