Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Miracles

Mrs. Miracle is a new teacher of the five-year-old class this year. "I am an avid hiker and gardener and will probably grow a lot of my herbs in my window sill in Kiev," she said.

Right now, Autumn is outside and school is out for the October break. The five and six-year-old classes have been celebrating the season beyond the Fall Festival. Everyone dressed up and a study of nature, including collecting acorns and leaves, was a part of their unit on science. Students gathered acorns, apples, leaves, and made leaf prints.

The last days before vacation, I interviewed five and six-year-olds about their thoughts and plans for Autumn and  received a variety of interesting responses.

First, I asked kids if they like Autumn. Most simply agreed, but one girl said, "I like this weather, but not too much because it's wet outside." Also, they mentioned that they like the leaves falling.

Then, I asked them what they like to do in Autumn. Running and playing seemed to be the kids' top choices. One, though, answered, "Well... Most of all, I like snow. Because you can go skiing!"

For their Halloween celebrations, the children had different plans. Some said that they already celebrated Halloween by cutting out a Jack O'Lantern and dressing up, for example, as a vampire; while others were still looking forward to the holiday. When I asked one of the little boys how he will celebrate, he confidently answered, "Regularly. We will all be in the dark." There were also kids who began persuading me that Halloween wasn't a good holiday.

In addition to Halloween, other celebrations were in plan. Quite a few children were anticipating for the Jewish holidays and some told me about their birthdays. For example, one boy said, "I also have birthday. But it's after winter."

Finally, I wondered about their vacation plans. Once again, I received diverse answers. Some were traveling to places like Germany and Israel with their parents,  and others were staying in Kyiv or still hesitant about their plans. One little girl said that she will go to her dacha, while her friend exclaimed in a serious manner, "I will also go somewhere, but it's a secret, so I won't tell you." I smiled and concluded my interview.

The teachers are also planning a busy Fall. Mrs. Pera Cole, for example, has already carved out five pumpkins. Also, she described the preparational activities she has done with her class, such as the leaf prints. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude for this season, and hopefully,  expectations will be fullfilled.

Have a miraculous Autumn!

By Olexandra Rovinska

Friday, October 26, 2012

MUN: Live from the Royal Palace in Warsaw

What an educational and exciting event for KIS Model United Nations students to be in Warsaw this weekend.  From the last post about MUN it was clarified that the topics are selected randomly, and often the students do not have prior knowledge of the subject, so debates can be quite stressful and this is not a vacation for our KIS students, .  The first day, Mrs. Armstrong-Stoltz shared, we started in the Royal Palace where each delegation presented their opening speech. Dijana, Shi Hyun, and Linda gave the opening speech for their delegation. Each student read their policy statement to their committee.

Today the students began their debate and the 2nd session of GA was held in the Polish Parliament.  Mrs. Armstrong-Stoltz comments, the setting is stunning and the students are excited!

Yesterday, students took a tour of the Polish Parliament building. We are looking forward to hearing more from Warsaw over the weekend and our KISToday reporter Nadia will be sharing her own personal experiences at MUN.

By: Jenny Deadline

Live: Nadia Rendon

The delegation from KIS has safely arrived in the city of Warsaw after a long half day of traveling.

The tiresome waiting process in order to get through the documentation, and immigration lines did not discourage the delegates from taking advantage of their first evening in the city as they enjoyed a lovely stroll down the "Old Town" together guided by their local hosts. The beautiful traditional architecture, chilly fall weather, dim lighting, and great company created the perfect welcoming night for the delegates.

As the evening progressed and came to an end the delegates became anxious and exited for their next activities on their agenda: The opening ceremony and their first conferences.

"I'm so exited, but scared at the same time for tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect!" Said one of the delegates.

Will the current relationships among various countries be kept as is, will they become stronger after several debates, or will the difference in opinions on important matters take a toll on them?

Stay tuned for more,
this has been an update from MUN on the Run!

Bravo Annie Jr. Cast and Crew

Annie and Sandy compete for the audience's attention

The KIS audience escaped to the wondrous and magical world of NYC on Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week. Annie won the heart of Oliver Warbucks and the KIS community. Miss Hannigan and her villainous brother, Rooster's plans were thwarted thanks to help from FD Roosevelt.  The crowd loved every minute and the real live German Shepherd dog, Sandy, was a star too!


A VERY tired but proud Mrs. Kristina Jones
Mrs.Jones exclaimed, A big BRAVO to the Annie Jr. cast and crew for putting up an outstanding production!  All of your hard work paid off and I have received many glowing reviews of the show. Also a big thank you to the parents for organizing a wonderful cast party. It was the perfect way to celebrate two successful shows.

Mr. Blaho in return said,  BRAVO!!…to KRISTINA JONES and the wonderful performances of Annie, Jr.  It was a great school effort—much help was added from KIS parents, teachers, and students alike—however, NONE of this could have been accomplished without the vision, coordination, and organization by Kristina.

Bravo Cast and Crew!
I think everyone who had the opportunity to enjoy the performance would agree, the evening was magical and the students shined under the spotlights.  Now that our talented students have encountered music and drama at our school, they are eager for the next production!

By: Jenny Deadline

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Group 4 Project

The Group 4 Project took place this past Saturday for IB students and teachers. The Group 4 Project is a requirement for students in an IB science class. It takes place every other year with both the Secondary III and Secondary IV. Students, in groups of six or so, prepare, design, conduct, and finally, present an experiment which will be graded and calculated into their IB grade .

The Group 4 Project is a 10 plus hour assessment.  The majority of the assessment took place from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm this past Saturday. This year it was decided that the prompt would be to observe the various choices of food items presented to a random group of individuals.

The groups of students prepared various food items then they offered the items to individuals at the Junior Soccer League, observing which choices were made. Some of the differences were in shape, size, color and decoration, as well as flavor. Brownies, cupcakes, cheeses, and pancakes were presented to the Junior Soccer parents and bystanders.

It was an enjoyable experience, and the students involved seemed to appreciate the opportunity to put science into action, but from talking to some of them, and I agree, I don't think that we will be having sweets any time soon. For more information on what the Group 4 Project is all about, or any specifics on this years’ results, you can contact Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Plasil, or Ms. Kitchens or any of the IB students. 

- Tim Roby

Coca-Cola Field Trip
Coca-Cola  just celebrated its 125th anniversary!  The Kyiv Ukraine Coca-Cola just celebrated 20 years of operationOn Monday, October 22nd all of the economic classes, both IB and non-IB, students as well as Mr. Roby’s health class took a field trip  to the Coca-Cola factory located just outside of Kiev. Not only did they get to sample some of the fine products from Coke, but students also learned about the many different other products that Coca-Cola offers other than just Coke, such as Nestea, Fanta, Sprite, Burn etc. On their tour through the factory they also learned about the plant itself and how the products are actually produced in Kiev.

In addition, the students  learned about the history of Coca-Cola. Interestingly enough,  Coca-Cola was first created by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia originally as a medicine tonic, served as syrup which was to be mixed with water, not as a soft drink. After hearing about the history of Coca-Cola, then watching a few promotional videos, the students  went on  a short tour through the factory where they were able to see the quality control area as well as the bottlin, and the packaging areas of the factory.  After the tour, students sampled some of the products fresh from the fountain and received souvenir bottles of Coke, coaters and a magnet as a gift from Coca-Cola.

Everyone  had a good time on the field trip and now students know more about the soft drinks they consume. For any additional information about the Coca-Cola establishment in Kyiv, contact Mr. or Mrs. Roby. Also, if you are  interested, you might try checking out the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

- Tim Roby

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Annie Jr. Musical This Week!

Dress rehearsal
A reminder to the KIS community that the performance of Annie Jr. is this week!  The Annie Jr. musical cast has been practicing since the beginning of September, and performance time is here. The stage crew is working hard on decorations and costumes are  prepared. Annie Jr.  is on its way, with the first showing on Wednesday evening.  Under the perfectionist direction of Mrs. Jones, the musical is going to be a spectacular performance.

Everyone is welcome to come on October 24th and 25th at 7 p.m. Tickets cost 50 uah per person. Tickets are available at the reception. Parents, students, and teachers are welcomed to invite friends to come see the musical and enjoy the performance of our young artists. The acting crew is expecting a large crowd and promises an amazing experience of enjoying a great performance. Come and enjoy an entertaining evening in the circle of the KIS family!!

By Anastasiya Zamula

Kozaks Keep Their Kool

Unbelievably, 8 players received a total of 10 penalty cards between a KIS Varsity Boys and Girls games a few weeks back. During the Girls' Varsity game alone, 4 of the yellow and both of the red cards were distributed.

The Varsity Girls' game started off with a couple of close shots at the goal, with one particularly close head on in the first several minutes of the game. Sasha fighting hard, had a collision and received the first of the many penalty cards. The score was 2:0 with Ukr2 winning, and at this point Ukr2 had received 1 of 3 yellow cards for the game. Then in the 12th minute of the second half, the Lady Kozaks were rewarded a penalty shot in the box.  Katja took the shot and made a beautiful goal, the one and only goal of the game.

After this, in about the 15th minute of the second half, the game got particularly nasty. The player from Ukraine2 who had received the yellow card, again received another yellow card, and this being her second yellow, she received a red card as well, and left the field. Again, in the last 6 minutes of the game another girl from Ukraine2 received a yellow card, and  lastly one girl was given a red card immediately from the official for foul language and was sent off the field. Even though our Lady Kozaks lost 7:1, they continued to keep their heads high, marching on, and most importantly remained good sports.

Even though only 4 yellow cards were given in the Varsity Boys' game in comparison to the 6 cards given during the Lady Kozak's game, the Varsity Boys' game wan't any less harsh. The first card was given to Alex in the few minutes of the game when he argued over an unjustified penalty. But then Alex calmed down and  focused on the game from that point on. Then, after the second minute of the game, Ivan scored with a nice assist from Haider. Maxi, the KIS goalie scored off of a punt in the 26th minute of the first half with assisted pressure on the goalie from Haider, making the score 2:1 in favor of the Kozaks.

In the 14th minute of the second half, number 11 from the opposing team finally received a much needed yellow card for his foul language. Many times during the game, he and several of his teammates had to be stopped and warn about by the officials. Vova, in the 16th minute, received an fair yellow card for simply a good hustle play on the ball. The last and final yellow card was given in the 19th minute of the second half, after a beautiful assist from Alex to Haider for the third and final goal, number 21 from opposition was given a yellow card for foul language.

Even with all of the yellow and red cards given throughout both of these games, whether it was a win or loss, both of our Lady and Gentlemen Kozaks remained calm, good spirited and remembered to keep their cool, which we as well as they should be proud of. Good sportsmanship is a bigger victory than a winning game.

By: Tim Roby


Fall Festival on Friday, October 19th left a lot of warm and positive emotions in the hearts of the KIS community. As expected, Fall Festival was a great and successful event that brought the KIS family all together for a great evening of fun. Everything went as planned, with a variety of contests, interesting costumes, sweets, and laughter. Kids were running around in costumes with painted faces and buckets of sweets. Teachers were part of the group organizing some of the contests and even participating.

The pie throwing contest hosted by cross country runners was a big hit. Many members of the KIS community threw sponges full of cream at staff members such as Mr. Thompson, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Rehberg, Mr.D'Ettorre, Mrs. Thomspon etc. The Cross- country team made a lot of money for their CEESA tournament and brought satisfaction to those who dreamed of throwing creamed sponges at our beloved teachers.

Many families participated in Trunk or Treat; this made kids happy because they collected all kinds of candies.

The Varsity Girls Soccer team created the life size angry birds contest, that was a great time for everyone as well. Kids were amazed by the realistic version of their favorite game, but this contest brought both adults and kids on the same side of having fun together.
There was a live concert by students and teachers of KIS as well. A huge audience attended to hear our KIS members perform.Everyone was involved in the festival throughout the night.
A round of applause for everyone who came and participated, as well as, to the festival committee who organized the event. We have a lot of great events like this ahead of us, throughout the school year. Such events bring our KIS family closer together and give us a great opportunity to know each other better, and have a lot of fun all together.

By Anastasiya Zamula

Friday, October 19, 2012

Varsity Girls & Boys: Ending the Season in Victory

This week, the KIS Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls Soccer Teams had their concluding games for the local league tournament, both of which ended with victories.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Varsity Boys did not get into the finals, but the Varsity Girls did. Therefore, the Kozaks competed for the third place, while the Lady Kozaks competed for the first.

On Thursday, October 18th, the boys played against PSI and won with the score 3:0. Vova L. scored all three of these goals, proving that the team should have passed into the finals. This victory added another trophy to the KIS collection.

The following day, the girls' match against Ukr2 took place at KIS, resulting with the score 3:2 in the Kozak favor. Never before has the team beaten the Ukrainian girls, but that day was special. With the pressure of fans along the sidelines, Amber and Katja each scored one goal with Albina making the ending golden goal during the additional time.

Currently, no more soccer matches are planned for the up-coming week - only practices. Then, the players will take a rest during the October break, and on the first back-to-school Wednesday, the Varsity teams will take off to CEESA. The boys will travel to Bucharest, while the girls will go to Warsaw.

Now it's time to beat some international teams, KIS!
By Olexandra Rovinska

AP-IB? What is Your Choice?

By Brian Jung

A benefit for students to study IB or AP, during secondary III and IV for IB and secondary II, III, IV for AP, as Dr. Jones, KIS AP Music Theory Teacher, eloquently stated: these courses give bright students a venue for challenging themselves in ways that our regular curriculum may not. Dr. Jones continued to say, In my course, for instance, students study music theory, which is how written music works, how it is put together, and how the notes function together to produce music. What we study here goes well beyond what the QSI curriculum offers in music, which is a real boost for those students who want to study music in the future.

Mr. Jackson commented, One of the main benefits for taking an IB English course, for example, would be that students develop very good analytical skills and they learn to show this through various forms of writing and oral presentations. The key here is that students show their thinking and analysis in their writing.

Katja AP Calc Student

   All of the IB courses have very high demands and expectations for writing, said Mr. Jackson. If a student wants to receive a full IB Diploma then it is important to complete all of the courses. IB is regarded as a European based program. This is not universally true though, and many good American universities are beginning to consider IB as well. IB courses tend to be based on concepts, this means that IB courses tend to have less rigid controls over what students actually study but is more concerned with how they approach problems. Mr. Jackson concluded his thoughts by saying, I would think that the full IB Diploma at our school really keeps the students busy, and sometimes that might mean less time for other things that students might enjoy.

Mrs. Chemeris: IB Math Higher Level and AP Calculus

When asking teachers if it is difficult to teach AP or IB courses, Dr. Jones said, those of us who teach these courses, however, often do so because we love the material. Therefore, while it may be more advanced material, I love teaching it and am interested in developing my own knowledge and appreciation of the subject, so any challenges that may arise are welcome ones.

Every KIS secondary student has the opportunity to be challenged and better prepared for university. With such dedicated teachers and many benefits, will you take the opportunity?

Refugees: A Fight for a New Life

Refugees from various parts of the world have been recieving help from KIS students every Saturday as part of a new project from the KIS HELP Club. Kyiv International  School does not limit the students to academic achievement only, but KIS also allows the development of many other traits through extra curricular activities, such as the Help Club. The KIS Help Club is a group of students, guided by Mr. Jackson, in order to meet their humanitarian, ecological, and leadership goals. Goals like these are usually met through projects; their most recent,  volunteering to help out at a Refugee Center created by the UNHCR .

The project sparked interest in Daud, current president of the Help Club as he browsed the list of possible new projects to take on for the year. Constanza, a former student of KIS, later visited members of the HELP Club to further inform students about the UNHCR's involvement with the refugees, and about the refugee center which is being sponsored by Rokada, a non profit organization.

"At that time they needed someone to lead the project and I said I was willing to do that. She needed someone to keep teaching them, so I thought that would be good and it will go into our leadership goals for the H.E.L.P. Club. We gathered a group of people with Mr. Jackson, contacted them, went to the center, and that's how we started." - Daud

So who is it that they're helping? The refugees mainly consist of victims of war from Afghanistan who have found it necessary to flee their country; however other nationalities such as Iran, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan are  also represented. The refugees cover a wide range of ages, but the majority who go to the refugee center are children and teenagers who are eager to interact with KIS students.

"A lot of the refugees are here from 15 years ago. Their lives were at risk and felt the need to flee the country so they came here during Soviet times. Many of the children were born here, but they still don't have the Ukrainain citizenship. Some don't even have a refugee status." explained Daud.

Each Saturday students from KIS go to the refugee center in order to help the refugees out by providing them with a fun learning experience in English through socialization. The objective of this project is to be proactive and actually get involved. "It's not like we're just asking for money, or donations. We actually want to be influential, teach these kids something, be there for them. These people are in a position where they need someone to pay attention to them, especially when the government isn't paying any to their situation, so at least we're there to provide them with some sort of interaction."

Any person who would like to help out at the refugee center is more than welcome to. The refugee center is only a 20 minute bus ride away from Metro Lisova on the Left Bank. Each Saturday, the group of volunteers gather inside of Khreshatic Metro Station at 9:30 A.M. and go together to the refugee center. If YOU are interested in helping out, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Jackson,  or see Daud for more information.

By: Nadia Rendon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

JV Boys: End of Soccer Season

On Wednesday, October 17th, the JV Boys Soccer Team went to Novaselki to compete for 1st place in the local league tournament.

KIS came out victorious, winning 3:2 against KCA. By the end of the two halves, Frane and Daniel Oh made 2 goals, one of them being a penalty shot, and set the score to 2:2. Then, additional time was given and Max scored the glorious golden goal.

The team's happiness and pride had no limits. "Since the beginning of the tournament, we wanted to lay our hands on the first-place trophy. It felt greater than ever when we won the finals, and I was very happy that we were able to achieve that goal," stated one of the players.

Congratulations, boys! Kistoday wishes you the same outcome at the CEESA competition, which is less than a month away!
By Olexandra Rovinska

Varsity Girls & Boys: Pre-Last Local Games

On Tuesday, October 16th, the Varsity Girls and  Boys played their pre-last soccer games which determined whether or not they will pass into the finals.

The Varsity Girls won against KCA with the score 4:3. All season, the Lady Kozaks have been undefeated by the opponents, and this game also fell into sequence. When the 60th minute of the game ended, the score was 3:3 with three goals made by Katja, Ivanna, and Amber. Then, additional time was given and in the second half, the Varsity Girls finally took control. Katja shot a beautiful corner kick as Aashna hesitantly jogged towards the goals and stuck out her foot perfectly enough so the ball would bounce of the bottom of her cleats and rush into the goal. "It was an unbelievable goal! We all hurried to hug Aashna, screaming from joy. Now we were in the finals against Ukr2!" exclaimed one of the girls.

Meanwhile, the Varsity Boys lost against Ukr3 with the score 2:1. The sole KIS goal was scored by Haider and led the game into additional time. The boys had numerous opportunities, but unfortunately, luck was not on their side. The golden goal was scored by Ukr3 and brought them the victory.

On Thursday, at 5:00pm, the Varsity Boys will compete for 3/4 place against PSI, and on Friday, at 4:00pm, the Varsity Girls will play for 1/2 place versus Ukr2. Both matches will take place at KIS, so please come to support the teams and help them win the two trophies!
By Olexandra Rovinska

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JV Girls: End of Soccer Season

On Monday, October 15, the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team played a brilliant tournament match against PSI at the House of Football.
Even though the girls lost 3:2, the game was incredibly exciting and memorable. Ana scored both of the goals for the team, and until the last three minutes of the game, KIS was winining 2:1. Then, some conflicts arose and the atmosphere became heavy. The PSI team managed to score two goals right before the final whistle.

The JV Girls perceived this as the final game of the season and placed themselves on the well-deserved third place, but as it turned out, this was not it. They had to play another match against the KCA team for 3/4 place.

The KIS girls put themselves together and supported their postion with another win on Wednesday. The match ended with the score 1:0, Polina scoring the one goal.

Altogether, it was an outstanding season for the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team. Although their CEESA in Moscow was canceled, they are not upset and are already anxious for the next sesaon. "We have improved our skills so much from last year. I think the whole team would agree with me if I said that playing soccer this year wasn't about winning, but about being a team and still having fun," commented Ana.

By Olexandra Rovinska

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MUN: Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a conference that reflects the United Nations, where each participant, or to be more precise - delegate, represents a country or an organization. Delegates are divided into committees that aim to solve global issues, such as the Euro Crisis.

This year, MUN will be held at the Polish Parliament Building in Warsaw, Poland from October 25th to the 27th. The KIS delegates include Ani, Edina, Nadia, Dijana, Linda, Mariya, Jed, Daud, Nikita, Shi, Vasily, and Paul, accompanied by their advisor, Mrs. Armstrong-Soltz and Mr. Armstrong-Stoltz.

During MUN, the young people strive to be as professional as possible, realizing the position of a delegate for the United Nations. Therefore, this event is not simple and requires the student to do a significant amount of research. The topics are selected randomly, and often the students do not have prior knowledge of the subject. Nadia, for example, is representing Morocco's point of view on the gender dimensions of HIV related stigma. "I think that regardless of how much research I do, I will still feel like it wasn't enough, mainly because I am really nervous, and I don't exactly know what to expect because it's my first time doing MUN," she comments.

In other cases though, students get lucky and receive familar topics. Edina, for example, is a delegate for Greece to the Historical Security Council focusing on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. "My topic is about my own country, so I did not have to do as much research as I normally would," she says. However, even then it's not that simple. "I did not find much material on Greece's position on the issue, so that's a little worrying," Edina adds.

Despite the challenges, MUN is beneficial to a student in numerous ways. Mrs. Armstrong believes that students can gain speaking skills, researching skills, knowledge of world politics and important current issues; and besides this, the opportunity to meet others from around the world and work closely with them. From a student's perspective, Nadia says, "Colleges definitely like seeing MUN on applications. At least that's what I've heard, and trust me I've heard it A LOT. Also if you're like a shy person, it helps you develop public speaking skills, and over all boost your confidence in the end."

"It may appear all formal and serious, but its not. Once you get into it, MUN is loads of fun and you can joke around with the other delegates. It all depends on the participants," says one of the girls, as the other one jokes, "My favorite part of MUN is the snacks we get during practices!"

Altogether, the team is excited for the up-coming adventure. "I've heard so many great things about the program in general that I can't not be excited to go!"

By Olexandra Rovinska

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Miss Fall Festival on Friday Evening October 19th

Many KIS students, parents and staff are waiting for the celebration of Fall Festival on Friday, October 19th from 6:00-8:00 pm. For those who don't know about Fall Festival,  it is a festival which gives a sense of community to our school. Everyone will be able to participate. There will be a variety of contests, funraisers, food, and fun. Everyone who wishes, can dress up in costumes for this event, though wearing scary masks and bringing toy guns are prohibited. It took a long time and planning for the KIS staff to organize such an event for the KIS community, and they are hoping for an outpour of support and participation from parents and students.

Fall Festival is another opportunity for students from 3 -18 years old  to have a great time with thier peers and take part in all the fun activities that will be presented. Parents will also be able to participate. For parents, there will be a trunk or treat contest, where  parents will be able to decorate the trunks of their cars and park them on the main parking in school. Students will visit each trunk and get candies. Every parent is welcome to participate. Teachers will be part of the Fall Festival by participating in contests along with students and parents. There will be a pie throwing  funraiser organized by the KIS Cross Country Team. For a nominal price one will be able to throw a pie at the teachers and administrators that have volunteered to be the target. There will also be a "bring your own food" family picnic as well.

As head of commity Mrs. Karnosky said: "Fall Festival is a great time for the  KIS community to come  together and give a real sense of comradeship to our school." Please come and celebrate Fall with your KIS family at the Fall Festival on October 19th, Friday evening from 6:00-8:00 pm.

By:  Anastasyia Zamula

MS Boys Final Soccer Tournament

This weekend, the MS Boys Soccer Teams participated in the local league tournament, placing 3rd and 5th out of 7 teams that participated.

In the game for 3rd and 4th place, the KIS-A Team beat Lyceum "Podil" #100 with the score 3:1. The only goal made in the first half was scored by Rick. Then, the opponents equalized the score, making it 1:1. "We thought it was going to be a penalty shootout," comments Mr. Plasil. However, Tyler and Gregory changed the outcome by scoring two more goals in five minutes.

In the game for 5th and 6th place, the KIS-B Team won over KCA with the score 1:0. Adam scored the sole goal from a free-kick, revenging for the 1:0 lose in the morning game earlier that day.

The first and last places were both taken by PSI. PSI-A positioned 1st, winning 5:4 in an intense match versus the Meridian International School, while PSI-B ended up 7th.

This was a bright ending to the MS soccer season! Only 10 more months left until the beginning of the next one!
By Olexandra Rovinska

Monday, October 8, 2012

Soccer Match Results for Monday, October 8

Today, the Junior Varsity and the Varsity Boys traveled to Novoselki for their soccer matches, while the Junior Varsity and the Varsity Girls played at KIS.

The Junior Varsity Boys lost 2:3 to PSI in a very close game. Both of our goals were scored by Daniel Oh.

The Varsity Boys won 1:0 against PSI. The sole goal was scored by Kunal, a former student of the Pechersk International School.

The Junior Varsity Girls lost 3:0, also to PSI. They had many chances, but unfortunately, the game ended not in their favor.

The Varisty Girls tied 2:2 with KCA. Both of the KIS goals were scored by Katja, the captain of the team.
By Olexandra Rovinska

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Clash of Classes

By: Anastasiya Zamula

It doesn't happen too often for secondary students to gather all together on a Friday night, but on Friday the 28th of September, our STUCO organized a Clash of Classes.

After classes were over,  the majority of secondary students stayed in school to cheer for KIS Varsity Girls and Boys Soccer Teams. Varsity Boys tied their game 2:2 and girls lost 7:1. Even though those two games didn't finish with victory,  it didn't bring down our students since they were excited about a great evening ahead.

This year, Clash of Classes had about an 80 % turnout of students, which is a great success in comparison to previous years' fall events. Students participated in different competitions in which they were split in four groups according to their classes: Secondary I, Secondary II, Secondary III and Secondary IV.  After competing in a variety of creative games, students ate pizza and and drank soft drinks to cool down and relax. As the sunset and the cool air came,  there was a bonfire. The finale for the night was a fireworks display.  By nine o'clock students were happy to be a part of such an event and exhausted from such a color-full day. Time passed by quickly and students had tons of fun.

Events like this are meant to bring people closer and so far STUCO is doing it right from the viewpoint of  many students.  I was a participant myself and it was a great start to an amazing Secondary IV school year for me.

Students are already anxious for the upcoming events, like Homecoming just around the corner, and interested in what STUCO events are ahead.

Middle School Boys Soccer CEESA

Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Moscow, and Istanbul - teams from all of these Eastern European cities arrived to Kyiv on Thursday afternoon to compete in the Middle School Boys Soccer CEESA competition, along with the two KIS teams: KIS Red and KIS Black.

This year the two top prizes - the 1st place and the sportsmanship trophies - were awarded to the Falcons from the International School of Prague, the only team that won every single game.

The final match, Prague vs. Budapest, ended with a score of 3:1. The first goal was scored by a Prague player from almost midfield during the first half of the game. This boosted the energy of the team and supplied them with inspiration and adrenaline. Meanwhile, the Blazers from Budapest did not lose hope. The soccer ball kept flying back and forth across the field and numerous shots were attempted towards both goals. It was a tough battle that mesmerized the numerous spectators all around the field.

In the semi-finals, Bucharest defeated Warsaw with a score of 3:2. The Warsaw team consisted of many large and experienced players that took shot after shot at the goal, while Bucharest's amazing goalie made countless brilliant saves, literally leaving the crowd in awe. Although the Warriors scored first, the quick-footed, young Vampires soon caught up and won the match, making beautiful assists and scoring multiple times from the right wing of the field. Both teams were very concentrated and eager to win.
The KIS Black Team earned the 6th and KIS Red, the 8th place out of 8. The Istanbul team was set in between them, on the 7th position, due to their loss versus the KIS Black Team. In that game, Kozaks dominated the field, Seva scoring one goal at the very start of the match. Towards the end though, the Dolphins equalized the score making it 1:1. The game concluded with penalties; Kyiv players scoring 5/5 and Istanbul players scoring 4/5. To make it clear, the Black Team did not have a set goalie, since Carl was playing for the Red Team. Uk, one of the defenders, was put at the net. He managed to save one of the five goals, which brought victory to the KIS team.

Unlike the other schools which participated with one strong team, Kyiv had two equal-strengthed teams. Carl, Henry, Rick, Minsung, Alex, Philip, Leonard, Adam, Bo, Tyler, Rostislav, Maxime, Max, and Anton comprised the Red Team, while Trey, Uk, Gregory, George, Dogukan, Nazar, Ruslan, Jakub, Ziad, Aditia, Anton, Seva, Sergey, and Razmik were the Black Team. Every single one of these 27 players gave it their all, not giving up even when the score board displayed unsatisfying results. They left no reason to be disappointed. Both of these teams are very young; only 5 out of the 27 boys are 13 years-old. This means that the majority of the team will be back next season with more experience and more ambition.

This tournament exceptionally demonstrated a wide range of middle school soccer players. Some teams, like Prague, included a vast number of players that additionally practiced at the local soccer clubs in Czech Republic. Other teams, like Kyiv Black, did not have a permanent goalie. Throughout one game, three times, a player was taken from the field and put into the goal. Every school had their own advantages and disadvantages, but that is exactly what added the flavor  to the event.

The CEESA competition is already behind, but the local league is still ahead. On Tuesday, the KIS Middle School Boys will have a game, and on Thursday, the local league will begin. Unfortunately, there is no other information available right now about the upcoming Middle School Boys' Soccer Matches, but stay tuned to kistoday for new updates.

By Olexandra Rovinska

Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Istanbul: MS Girls a Step Away from Victory!

In a message from Middle School Girls' Soccer Coach,  Mrs. Rachel Geary, who is currently in Istanbul with the team: BREAKING NEWS!!! KIS MS Girls won all three games in Istanbul today!

This report was received on Friday at 4:54. The girls will play today, Saturday, as well. Everyone is optimistic that the team will continue their winning streak and come home with another trophy for KIS!

Unfortunately, the girls lost their games on Saturday and came back with 4th place, one step away from victory. Better luck next time!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Country Highlights: Mexico

By: Nadia Rendon

Drug wars, killings, tacos, and ponchos; contrary to popular belief, that is not what Mexico is all about. Through news and other types of media, Mexico's image has been heavily distorted. However I can assure you that there is more than meets the eye.

Mexico is composed of 31 states, and one federal district. The capital is Mexico City, which is in the center of the country. It shares a border with the United States on the north and Guatemala on the south. It also has coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

(picture from
Mexico is a country full of diversity, both culturally and geographically. Because Mexico spreads throughout a fairly large part of the North American continent, it has a diverse flora and fauna ranging from deserts, to beaches, to rain forests, to mountainous land. This allows Mexico's tourism to flourish since there's something for everyones' taste. One popular destination is Cancun, which is located in the Riviera Maya, previously home of the Aztecs. Here you can explore the jungle, visit ancient Mayan temples, or just chill at the beach on a hammock with a Piña Colada.

Of course this diversity isn’t limited to Mexico’s geography. Because Mexico is composed of many states, there is a huge amount of cultural diversity since each state has its own special sub-culture. Native American tribes still exist, although they are mainly isolated from the big cities.
The artwork of these pre-Hispanic groups are really popular, especially among tourists, since they are really colorful and symbolic. This is the artwork of the Huichol tribe, which is made of strategically placing tiny colorful “shakira beads” with a special sort of wax. Every pattern or animal in their artwork represents something of their beliefs.
Food is a big part of our culture. Depending on the region of Mexico you go to is the food you are most likely to encounter. One of the examples of this is mole which is a chocolate and chili based sauce that is often put on top of chicken. Different varieties of mole exist, depending on what part of Mexico you are in. One of my personal favorites is Mole Oaxaqueño, which comes from the state of Oaxaca. Because this dish is difficult to make, it is most likely to be found in restaurants.
If you’re looking for a quick meal or snack without sacrificing the flavor, tacos al pastor and sopes are definitely excellent options. Small little taco stands can be found in almost any corner where anxious waiters will be glad to take your order. Tacos al pastor, one of the most common type of tacos, are served similar to shawarma, except with a touch of Mexican chiles, cilantro, lemon, and a slice of pineapple.
However if you’re not in Mexico, but you still want to try its cuisine, Chilaquiles are definitely the way to go. Chilaquiles is a sort of casserole made with fried tortilla, chicken, cheese, and sauce. They are simple and quick to make, and  full of flavor.

Chilaquiles Recipe:


· Corn Tortillas/ Corn Tortilla Chips  
· Salsa  
· Chicken
· Sour cream
· Cheese

1. Cut the corn tortillas into pieces. (This step can be omitted if tortilla chips are being used)

2. Preheat a pan on medium heat and then put some oil in it.

3. Once the pan is heated put the tortilla chips/pieces on the pan to fry and soften.

4. Add chicken.

5. Add the salsa.

6. Mix the food around in the pan until evenly mixed.

7. Let it cook until the tortilla is soft but not too soggy.

8. Turn the heat off and let it cool off for about a minute.

9. While its cooling down, spread cheese on top and let it melt.

10. Serve on plate and put sour cream on top.