Friday, October 19, 2012

AP-IB? What is Your Choice?

By Brian Jung

A benefit for students to study IB or AP, during secondary III and IV for IB and secondary II, III, IV for AP, as Dr. Jones, KIS AP Music Theory Teacher, eloquently stated: these courses give bright students a venue for challenging themselves in ways that our regular curriculum may not. Dr. Jones continued to say, In my course, for instance, students study music theory, which is how written music works, how it is put together, and how the notes function together to produce music. What we study here goes well beyond what the QSI curriculum offers in music, which is a real boost for those students who want to study music in the future.

Mr. Jackson commented, One of the main benefits for taking an IB English course, for example, would be that students develop very good analytical skills and they learn to show this through various forms of writing and oral presentations. The key here is that students show their thinking and analysis in their writing.

Katja AP Calc Student

   All of the IB courses have very high demands and expectations for writing, said Mr. Jackson. If a student wants to receive a full IB Diploma then it is important to complete all of the courses. IB is regarded as a European based program. This is not universally true though, and many good American universities are beginning to consider IB as well. IB courses tend to be based on concepts, this means that IB courses tend to have less rigid controls over what students actually study but is more concerned with how they approach problems. Mr. Jackson concluded his thoughts by saying, I would think that the full IB Diploma at our school really keeps the students busy, and sometimes that might mean less time for other things that students might enjoy.

Mrs. Chemeris: IB Math Higher Level and AP Calculus

When asking teachers if it is difficult to teach AP or IB courses, Dr. Jones said, those of us who teach these courses, however, often do so because we love the material. Therefore, while it may be more advanced material, I love teaching it and am interested in developing my own knowledge and appreciation of the subject, so any challenges that may arise are welcome ones.

Every KIS secondary student has the opportunity to be challenged and better prepared for university. With such dedicated teachers and many benefits, will you take the opportunity?