Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Miracles

Mrs. Miracle is a new teacher of the five-year-old class this year. "I am an avid hiker and gardener and will probably grow a lot of my herbs in my window sill in Kiev," she said.

Right now, Autumn is outside and school is out for the October break. The five and six-year-old classes have been celebrating the season beyond the Fall Festival. Everyone dressed up and a study of nature, including collecting acorns and leaves, was a part of their unit on science. Students gathered acorns, apples, leaves, and made leaf prints.

The last days before vacation, I interviewed five and six-year-olds about their thoughts and plans for Autumn and  received a variety of interesting responses.

First, I asked kids if they like Autumn. Most simply agreed, but one girl said, "I like this weather, but not too much because it's wet outside." Also, they mentioned that they like the leaves falling.

Then, I asked them what they like to do in Autumn. Running and playing seemed to be the kids' top choices. One, though, answered, "Well... Most of all, I like snow. Because you can go skiing!"

For their Halloween celebrations, the children had different plans. Some said that they already celebrated Halloween by cutting out a Jack O'Lantern and dressing up, for example, as a vampire; while others were still looking forward to the holiday. When I asked one of the little boys how he will celebrate, he confidently answered, "Regularly. We will all be in the dark." There were also kids who began persuading me that Halloween wasn't a good holiday.

In addition to Halloween, other celebrations were in plan. Quite a few children were anticipating for the Jewish holidays and some told me about their birthdays. For example, one boy said, "I also have birthday. But it's after winter."

Finally, I wondered about their vacation plans. Once again, I received diverse answers. Some were traveling to places like Germany and Israel with their parents,  and others were staying in Kyiv or still hesitant about their plans. One little girl said that she will go to her dacha, while her friend exclaimed in a serious manner, "I will also go somewhere, but it's a secret, so I won't tell you." I smiled and concluded my interview.

The teachers are also planning a busy Fall. Mrs. Pera Cole, for example, has already carved out five pumpkins. Also, she described the preparational activities she has done with her class, such as the leaf prints. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude for this season, and hopefully,  expectations will be fullfilled.

Have a miraculous Autumn!

By Olexandra Rovinska