Sunday, October 7, 2012

Clash of Classes

By: Anastasiya Zamula

It doesn't happen too often for secondary students to gather all together on a Friday night, but on Friday the 28th of September, our STUCO organized a Clash of Classes.

After classes were over,  the majority of secondary students stayed in school to cheer for KIS Varsity Girls and Boys Soccer Teams. Varsity Boys tied their game 2:2 and girls lost 7:1. Even though those two games didn't finish with victory,  it didn't bring down our students since they were excited about a great evening ahead.

This year, Clash of Classes had about an 80 % turnout of students, which is a great success in comparison to previous years' fall events. Students participated in different competitions in which they were split in four groups according to their classes: Secondary I, Secondary II, Secondary III and Secondary IV.  After competing in a variety of creative games, students ate pizza and and drank soft drinks to cool down and relax. As the sunset and the cool air came,  there was a bonfire. The finale for the night was a fireworks display.  By nine o'clock students were happy to be a part of such an event and exhausted from such a color-full day. Time passed by quickly and students had tons of fun.

Events like this are meant to bring people closer and so far STUCO is doing it right from the viewpoint of  many students.  I was a participant myself and it was a great start to an amazing Secondary IV school year for me.

Students are already anxious for the upcoming events, like Homecoming just around the corner, and interested in what STUCO events are ahead.