Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coca-Cola Field Trip
Coca-Cola  just celebrated its 125th anniversary!  The Kyiv Ukraine Coca-Cola just celebrated 20 years of operationOn Monday, October 22nd all of the economic classes, both IB and non-IB, students as well as Mr. Roby’s health class took a field trip  to the Coca-Cola factory located just outside of Kiev. Not only did they get to sample some of the fine products from Coke, but students also learned about the many different other products that Coca-Cola offers other than just Coke, such as Nestea, Fanta, Sprite, Burn etc. On their tour through the factory they also learned about the plant itself and how the products are actually produced in Kiev.

In addition, the students  learned about the history of Coca-Cola. Interestingly enough,  Coca-Cola was first created by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia originally as a medicine tonic, served as syrup which was to be mixed with water, not as a soft drink. After hearing about the history of Coca-Cola, then watching a few promotional videos, the students  went on  a short tour through the factory where they were able to see the quality control area as well as the bottlin, and the packaging areas of the factory.  After the tour, students sampled some of the products fresh from the fountain and received souvenir bottles of Coke, coaters and a magnet as a gift from Coca-Cola.

Everyone  had a good time on the field trip and now students know more about the soft drinks they consume. For any additional information about the Coca-Cola establishment in Kyiv, contact Mr. or Mrs. Roby. Also, if you are  interested, you might try checking out the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

- Tim Roby