Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JV Girls: End of Soccer Season

On Monday, October 15, the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team played a brilliant tournament match against PSI at the House of Football.
Even though the girls lost 3:2, the game was incredibly exciting and memorable. Ana scored both of the goals for the team, and until the last three minutes of the game, KIS was winining 2:1. Then, some conflicts arose and the atmosphere became heavy. The PSI team managed to score two goals right before the final whistle.

The JV Girls perceived this as the final game of the season and placed themselves on the well-deserved third place, but as it turned out, this was not it. They had to play another match against the KCA team for 3/4 place.

The KIS girls put themselves together and supported their postion with another win on Wednesday. The match ended with the score 1:0, Polina scoring the one goal.

Altogether, it was an outstanding season for the Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team. Although their CEESA in Moscow was canceled, they are not upset and are already anxious for the next sesaon. "We have improved our skills so much from last year. I think the whole team would agree with me if I said that playing soccer this year wasn't about winning, but about being a team and still having fun," commented Ana.

By Olexandra Rovinska