Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Fall Festival on Friday, October 19th left a lot of warm and positive emotions in the hearts of the KIS community. As expected, Fall Festival was a great and successful event that brought the KIS family all together for a great evening of fun. Everything went as planned, with a variety of contests, interesting costumes, sweets, and laughter. Kids were running around in costumes with painted faces and buckets of sweets. Teachers were part of the group organizing some of the contests and even participating.

The pie throwing contest hosted by cross country runners was a big hit. Many members of the KIS community threw sponges full of cream at staff members such as Mr. Thompson, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Rehberg, Mr.D'Ettorre, Mrs. Thomspon etc. The Cross- country team made a lot of money for their CEESA tournament and brought satisfaction to those who dreamed of throwing creamed sponges at our beloved teachers.

Many families participated in Trunk or Treat; this made kids happy because they collected all kinds of candies.

The Varsity Girls Soccer team created the life size angry birds contest, that was a great time for everyone as well. Kids were amazed by the realistic version of their favorite game, but this contest brought both adults and kids on the same side of having fun together.
There was a live concert by students and teachers of KIS as well. A huge audience attended to hear our KIS members perform.Everyone was involved in the festival throughout the night.
A round of applause for everyone who came and participated, as well as, to the festival committee who organized the event. We have a lot of great events like this ahead of us, throughout the school year. Such events bring our KIS family closer together and give us a great opportunity to know each other better, and have a lot of fun all together.

By Anastasiya Zamula