Sunday, October 7, 2012

Middle School Boys Soccer CEESA

Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Moscow, and Istanbul - teams from all of these Eastern European cities arrived to Kyiv on Thursday afternoon to compete in the Middle School Boys Soccer CEESA competition, along with the two KIS teams: KIS Red and KIS Black.

This year the two top prizes - the 1st place and the sportsmanship trophies - were awarded to the Falcons from the International School of Prague, the only team that won every single game.

The final match, Prague vs. Budapest, ended with a score of 3:1. The first goal was scored by a Prague player from almost midfield during the first half of the game. This boosted the energy of the team and supplied them with inspiration and adrenaline. Meanwhile, the Blazers from Budapest did not lose hope. The soccer ball kept flying back and forth across the field and numerous shots were attempted towards both goals. It was a tough battle that mesmerized the numerous spectators all around the field.

In the semi-finals, Bucharest defeated Warsaw with a score of 3:2. The Warsaw team consisted of many large and experienced players that took shot after shot at the goal, while Bucharest's amazing goalie made countless brilliant saves, literally leaving the crowd in awe. Although the Warriors scored first, the quick-footed, young Vampires soon caught up and won the match, making beautiful assists and scoring multiple times from the right wing of the field. Both teams were very concentrated and eager to win.
The KIS Black Team earned the 6th and KIS Red, the 8th place out of 8. The Istanbul team was set in between them, on the 7th position, due to their loss versus the KIS Black Team. In that game, Kozaks dominated the field, Seva scoring one goal at the very start of the match. Towards the end though, the Dolphins equalized the score making it 1:1. The game concluded with penalties; Kyiv players scoring 5/5 and Istanbul players scoring 4/5. To make it clear, the Black Team did not have a set goalie, since Carl was playing for the Red Team. Uk, one of the defenders, was put at the net. He managed to save one of the five goals, which brought victory to the KIS team.

Unlike the other schools which participated with one strong team, Kyiv had two equal-strengthed teams. Carl, Henry, Rick, Minsung, Alex, Philip, Leonard, Adam, Bo, Tyler, Rostislav, Maxime, Max, and Anton comprised the Red Team, while Trey, Uk, Gregory, George, Dogukan, Nazar, Ruslan, Jakub, Ziad, Aditia, Anton, Seva, Sergey, and Razmik were the Black Team. Every single one of these 27 players gave it their all, not giving up even when the score board displayed unsatisfying results. They left no reason to be disappointed. Both of these teams are very young; only 5 out of the 27 boys are 13 years-old. This means that the majority of the team will be back next season with more experience and more ambition.

This tournament exceptionally demonstrated a wide range of middle school soccer players. Some teams, like Prague, included a vast number of players that additionally practiced at the local soccer clubs in Czech Republic. Other teams, like Kyiv Black, did not have a permanent goalie. Throughout one game, three times, a player was taken from the field and put into the goal. Every school had their own advantages and disadvantages, but that is exactly what added the flavor  to the event.

The CEESA competition is already behind, but the local league is still ahead. On Tuesday, the KIS Middle School Boys will have a game, and on Thursday, the local league will begin. Unfortunately, there is no other information available right now about the upcoming Middle School Boys' Soccer Matches, but stay tuned to kistoday for new updates.

By Olexandra Rovinska