Friday, October 26, 2012

MUN: Live from the Royal Palace in Warsaw

What an educational and exciting event for KIS Model United Nations students to be in Warsaw this weekend.  From the last post about MUN it was clarified that the topics are selected randomly, and often the students do not have prior knowledge of the subject, so debates can be quite stressful and this is not a vacation for our KIS students, .  The first day, Mrs. Armstrong-Stoltz shared, we started in the Royal Palace where each delegation presented their opening speech. Dijana, Shi Hyun, and Linda gave the opening speech for their delegation. Each student read their policy statement to their committee.

Today the students began their debate and the 2nd session of GA was held in the Polish Parliament.  Mrs. Armstrong-Stoltz comments, the setting is stunning and the students are excited!

Yesterday, students took a tour of the Polish Parliament building. We are looking forward to hearing more from Warsaw over the weekend and our KISToday reporter Nadia will be sharing her own personal experiences at MUN.

By: Jenny Deadline

Live: Nadia Rendon

The delegation from KIS has safely arrived in the city of Warsaw after a long half day of traveling.

The tiresome waiting process in order to get through the documentation, and immigration lines did not discourage the delegates from taking advantage of their first evening in the city as they enjoyed a lovely stroll down the "Old Town" together guided by their local hosts. The beautiful traditional architecture, chilly fall weather, dim lighting, and great company created the perfect welcoming night for the delegates.

As the evening progressed and came to an end the delegates became anxious and exited for their next activities on their agenda: The opening ceremony and their first conferences.

"I'm so exited, but scared at the same time for tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect!" Said one of the delegates.

Will the current relationships among various countries be kept as is, will they become stronger after several debates, or will the difference in opinions on important matters take a toll on them?

Stay tuned for more,
this has been an update from MUN on the Run!