Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MUN: Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a conference that reflects the United Nations, where each participant, or to be more precise - delegate, represents a country or an organization. Delegates are divided into committees that aim to solve global issues, such as the Euro Crisis.

This year, MUN will be held at the Polish Parliament Building in Warsaw, Poland from October 25th to the 27th. The KIS delegates include Ani, Edina, Nadia, Dijana, Linda, Mariya, Jed, Daud, Nikita, Shi, Vasily, and Paul, accompanied by their advisor, Mrs. Armstrong-Soltz and Mr. Armstrong-Stoltz.

During MUN, the young people strive to be as professional as possible, realizing the position of a delegate for the United Nations. Therefore, this event is not simple and requires the student to do a significant amount of research. The topics are selected randomly, and often the students do not have prior knowledge of the subject. Nadia, for example, is representing Morocco's point of view on the gender dimensions of HIV related stigma. "I think that regardless of how much research I do, I will still feel like it wasn't enough, mainly because I am really nervous, and I don't exactly know what to expect because it's my first time doing MUN," she comments.

In other cases though, students get lucky and receive familar topics. Edina, for example, is a delegate for Greece to the Historical Security Council focusing on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. "My topic is about my own country, so I did not have to do as much research as I normally would," she says. However, even then it's not that simple. "I did not find much material on Greece's position on the issue, so that's a little worrying," Edina adds.

Despite the challenges, MUN is beneficial to a student in numerous ways. Mrs. Armstrong believes that students can gain speaking skills, researching skills, knowledge of world politics and important current issues; and besides this, the opportunity to meet others from around the world and work closely with them. From a student's perspective, Nadia says, "Colleges definitely like seeing MUN on applications. At least that's what I've heard, and trust me I've heard it A LOT. Also if you're like a shy person, it helps you develop public speaking skills, and over all boost your confidence in the end."

"It may appear all formal and serious, but its not. Once you get into it, MUN is loads of fun and you can joke around with the other delegates. It all depends on the participants," says one of the girls, as the other one jokes, "My favorite part of MUN is the snacks we get during practices!"

Altogether, the team is excited for the up-coming adventure. "I've heard so many great things about the program in general that I can't not be excited to go!"

By Olexandra Rovinska