Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Soccer Match Results for Tuesday, October 2

Despite the morning's powerful thunderstorm, the sun shone on the Black and Red Middle School Boys Soccer Teams as they gave their all during the last two games before the CEESA tournament.

The first match ended with the score 4:1. The strong and tall young men from the Meridian International School defeated the KIS Black Team. "They played very hard on us but we tried our best. They definitely were more skilled and older than us," says Iilya, an 11 year-old soccer player from KIS. After hearing the tactful tips of their coaches, the Kozaks came out in the second half with an assertive spirit. When a penalty shot was given to us, Minsung took advantage and scored a goal. Unfortunately though, the whistle whizzed before the KIS team had time to pound in a few more goals.

The second match resulted in a 3:0 win for KIS. The boys played with a positive attitude, confidently challenging the large opponents from Lyceum "Podil" #100. The Red Team objectively possessed the ball at least 60% of the game and had numerous shots at the goal. The three victorious goals were made by Rostilav, Tyler, and Minsung. (photographed above)

Mr. Plasil and his assistant coach Alex are proud of their teams and excited for the CEESA competition which will be hosted in Kyiv, Thursday through Saturday. To the question whether they are ready or not, Mr. Plasil exclaims with a smile, "Ready or not, CEESA is here!"

By Olexandra Rovinska