Thursday, October 18, 2012

Varsity Girls & Boys: Pre-Last Local Games

On Tuesday, October 16th, the Varsity Girls and  Boys played their pre-last soccer games which determined whether or not they will pass into the finals.

The Varsity Girls won against KCA with the score 4:3. All season, the Lady Kozaks have been undefeated by the opponents, and this game also fell into sequence. When the 60th minute of the game ended, the score was 3:3 with three goals made by Katja, Ivanna, and Amber. Then, additional time was given and in the second half, the Varsity Girls finally took control. Katja shot a beautiful corner kick as Aashna hesitantly jogged towards the goals and stuck out her foot perfectly enough so the ball would bounce of the bottom of her cleats and rush into the goal. "It was an unbelievable goal! We all hurried to hug Aashna, screaming from joy. Now we were in the finals against Ukr2!" exclaimed one of the girls.

Meanwhile, the Varsity Boys lost against Ukr3 with the score 2:1. The sole KIS goal was scored by Haider and led the game into additional time. The boys had numerous opportunities, but unfortunately, luck was not on their side. The golden goal was scored by Ukr3 and brought them the victory.

On Thursday, at 5:00pm, the Varsity Boys will compete for 3/4 place against PSI, and on Friday, at 4:00pm, the Varsity Girls will play for 1/2 place versus Ukr2. Both matches will take place at KIS, so please come to support the teams and help them win the two trophies!
By Olexandra Rovinska