Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Responsibility for the Win

The winner of the elementary success orientation poster contest went to Mrs. Bateman’s 7 year old class. A poster contest was held for all the elementary classes.  Each class created a poster to represent the success orientation, responsibility, for last month. The combined effort of Mrs. Bateman’s class created the winner poster. Last Friday afternoon the class had a pizza party in order to celebrate their effort and a job well done.

Mrs. Bateman's 7 year old class
7B's 3-Part Poster
Their poster was divided into three parts to represent responsibility in three different areas: school, community, and home. Then the students individually created their own picture that depicted responsibility in their lives within one or more of the three areas. There were some very practical pictures and examples, as well as a few funny and creative ones, and some very interesting ones as well. During the party I went around and spoke with students about their individual drawings and asked them to explain to me how their drawings showed responsibility.

7B Enjoying a Well-Deserved Pizza Party
However, one of the drawings stood out and even confused me a bit at first. It was a picture of a boy and girl at a park with the boy standing by a stroller. The girl was asking “Do you want to play”, with a response from the boy of “No.” I was confused at first as to how this would show responsibility. I spoke to David, who drew the picture and asked why he drew that particular picture and what it had to do with responsibility. David explained that he has to watch his little brother and do chores before he can go and play. As both a younger brother and older brother myself, I thought that was pretty cool how already at his age he is doing what he is supposed to and taking his job as a big brother seriously. 

There were many other interesting and creative examples from Mrs. Bateman’s 7 year olds. I invite you to go and see some of the other thought-provoking ideas, including some of the other posters from this contest as well.

By: Tim Roby

Christmas Concert: Joy for You & for the Orphans

Have you ever traveled over the vast oceans? Have ever been on a beach resort? Have you ever visited the Eiffel Tower? And most importantly, have you ever came up with an excuse not to visit a famous monument of a city in order to chill at a cafe with your friends?

Some people, specifically the orphans from Tsurupinsk, have never even had the chance to visit Kyiv, the capital of their country. However, the KIS staff is ready to make a dream come true.

On Thursday, December 6th, the KIS staff members, under the organization of  Dr. Jones, will present the 3rd Annual Christmas Concert in the dramatorium at 7:00 pm. "The concert will feature several traditional Christmas songs featuring both Dr. and Mrs. Jones along with the staff choir," explains Mr. Tosser.

Mr. Tosser along with Mrs. Grant and Ms. DeKorte are organizing the fundraising part of the concert. The show will be supplemented with an auction of diverse donated items and services. Money gained from that as well as from the tickets, which cost 150 uah each, will be used to gift orphans of Tiupinks a 3-day Christmas journey to Kyiv. Here, they will be provided with accommodations by a local orphanage and meet new friends. They will also visit several sites and engage into fun activities. "Something as simple as eating at McDonald's or going to a movie is a huge thing for these children," comments Mr. Tosser.

"The success of something like this relies on the participation of our school body and families. The more successful we are, the more Orphans we can help," finalizes Mr. Tosser. Please, take your friends, families and buy your tickets at the reception. Give children hope and fill them with the Christmas spirit! 
By Olexandra Rovinska

The Talent Show

By Brian Jung

In an interview with Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones told KIS Today that the Talent Show is on November 28th for elementary students and on the 29th for middle and high school students. It's at 4 o'clock.

The audience can find a comfortable seat in our beautiful dramatorium and prepare to be entertained. Performances this year will include students singing songs, pianists, and bands performing. Last year, many elementary students danced, did martial arts and gymnastics, said Dr. Jones.

Last year, there were about 30 to 40 elementary students participating in the Talent Show. The performances by middle and secondary students were around 20.

Come and enjoy the talent of our KIS students!

Interviewed Dr. Jones

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moldova and Belarus QSI Teachers Come to Learn at KIS

Mr. Plasil Leading a Workshop
QSI teachers from Moldova and Belarus joined together with KIS teachers to expand their knowledge and skill in the teaching profession.  KIS was pleased to host this year's professional development and offer teachers a variety of workshops.

Dr. Merry Wade
Dr. Merry Wade was in attendance and led workshops for our paraprofessionals on Mastery Learning.  KIS PE teachers and bus monitors were trained in First Aid.  Many other informative sessions were held such as Mrs. Shapka's workshop on Music Mania, and Mr. Plasil's workshop on hitting the mark where teachers practiced archery.  Mr. and Mrs. Bateman commented on the workshop they attended on integrating the Internet in the classroom, the information that was presented was FANTASTIC!, they  both agreed.

Thursday evening, the KIS staff hosted a traditional American Thanksgiving feast for the Moldova and Belarus visitors. Ms. Rachel DuBose, KIS Preschool coordinator, and Ms. Zoya Kimich, preschool teacher,  put great effort in organizing the event and many people behind the scenes helped to pull the event together.  Some very important behind the scenes help came from our KIS maintenance staff who set up and tore down the entire weekend event.
Ms. DuBose: Welcome

On Friday evening, teachers from the visiting countries, toured beautiful Kyiv.  A big thank-you to many KIS teachers who volunteered to act as tour guides Friday evening, including Ms. Nussbaum who offered to take visiting teachers Salsa dancing. 

The visiting teachers were very pleased with the hospitality of KIS and many commented about the friendly atmosphere of the school and the warm welcome they received from the KIS staff.  Pooling the resources of three QSI schools to have an informative and interesting professional development for all three schools was a great success and enjoyable for teachers; hard work can be fun.

By: Jenny Deadline

A Warm Winter Welcome

Sasha holding the Varsity Girl''s Soccer Trophy
By: Nadia Rendon

The KIS STUCO members organized a sports and activities recognition rally this past Wednesday. Students participated not only to celebrate the multiple achievements of the Fall season, but also to make way and give a warm welcome to the new Winter sports and activity season.

The KIS dramatorium resonated with applause as each team that participated during the Fall season (soccer, cross country, MUN, Speech and Debate, and the participants of Annie Jr. the Musical) was brought up on the stage to receive recognition for their outstanding participation and accomplishments.
Mr. Prima and the team give Dima a shirt
recognizing his effort and passion to be on the varsity team. 
Followed by the applause,  some words were spoken by the teams' coaches or representatives to share the highlights of each sport or activity, and to encourage students to join next year. Some speeches, like the varsity boy's soccer team, MUN,  and Speech and Debate also recognized specific members for their hard work, effort, passion and talent.

Speech and Debate Team
Inclusively, George, a first place winner from the CEESA Speech and Debate, gave the audience an amazing demonstration of one of the many events that take place during Speech and Debate CEESA: impromptu speaking, which is when the speaker is given a topic and on the spot has to come up with their speech. George made the crowd go wild as he passionately argued why bubble gum should be illegal.

A small activity was  then planned in order to test the trust between team members and their captains. Balloons topped with shaving cream that were filled with water were placed on top of a team members' head, while the captains had to carefully shave the balloons without popping them.

Trust Test
The crowd anxiously waited for each balloon to pop, while the team members waited with fear and hope that their team captain could actually be trusted. Of course, what the crowd wants, the crowd gets, and all balloons were successfully popped and  team member ended up with clothes and hair covered with a sticky mix of water and shaving cream.

After the celebration of the Fall season, Mr. Curry took the spotlight to inform all secondary students of what is offered in the up-coming season. The Winter activities and their respective coaches and advisors were announced including Math Counts, Basketball, Robotics, Swimming, and Choir.  Students are encouraged to join.

NHS presenting about Environmental Responsibility
The students from NHS also contributed to the recognition rally through a short presentation reminding all students and staff about the importance of taking care of our environment. They provided simple tips on how we can contribute to environmental responsibility, such as, conserving the amount of paper towels we use, or printing double sided in order to decrease our consumption of the valuable resource of paper.

 Once again we would like to congratulate all students and teachers who participated in and contributed to a successful Fall season. To all participants of the Winter activities and sports, we would like to wish you an amazing season, and that all of your goals will be reached!

Varsity Boys Soccer Team

MUN Delegates

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Annie the Musical Actors 

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team


Cross Country Team

STUCO Members

Kindness and Politeness

By: Anastasiya Zamula

The success orientation for November and December is Kindness and Politeness.   Success orientations are an important part of the QSI mission statement, and every student has the opportunity to excel. Though the main focus has been on kindness and politeness during November and will continue in December, the rest of the success orientations shouldn't be forgotten as well. As secondary counselor Mr. Runyan says
Secondary Counselor,  Mr. Adam Runyan
Success orientations are an important part of the KIS community. It is what our school isbased on.  
Here are the requirement that students should meet for the success orientation Kindness and Politeness.

1. TSW demonstrate kindness by
a) being a person who does not make remarks which put down another.
b) being a person who does not physically abuse others.
c) displaying acts of kindness (sympathy, encouragement, helpfulness, patience, etc) toward others, particularly fellow students.
d) giving time and resources to help another in need.
2. TSW demonstrate politeness by
a) being a person who does not exhibit rudeness.
b) using socially acceptable language.
c) displaying acts of courtesy toward others.

As a part of the QSI community,  everyone should try to fulfill the TSWs  and hopefully many students will receive an excellent recognition for Kindness and Politeness. Success orientations aren't just for school, but in every aspect of life. The success orientations make us well rounded people.  Lets make kindness and politeness our everyday commitment in life!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter Sports and Activities: Math Counts

With the Fall season coming to an end, we say goodbye and congratulation to all of the great teams and activities that have taken place over this Autumn season. We welcome in all of the new winter sports and activities that have started this past week. 

This year’s Winter sports and activities for the middle school, include girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, swimming, math counts, choir, and knowledge bowl. The secondary’s Winter sports and activities include robotics, wrestling, math counts, choir, JV and Varsity girls’ basketball, and JV and Varsity boys’ basketball. Practices schedules will remain the same as the Fall’s activities and sports, with middle school sports and secondary activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays and secondary sports and middle school activities will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Mr. Plasil
MS Math Counts
Mrs. Chemeris
HS Math Counts
For those of you who don’t already know what math counts is all about, it is a CEESA competition where a team of students from each school compete to solve mathematical problems. “In math counts you solve problems that are not usually involved in math class. It’s basically mathematical thinking in special problems.” is how Diana L., a member of the secondary math counts team explained it. When asked about why she personally decided to join math counts, other than the fact that CEESA for math counts is in Macedonia, she said “I love math, and math counts is without pressure so you just go there and solve problems without wanting to get good grades.” 

Math counts is being led by Mrs. Chemeris at the secondary level, and by Mr. Alman and Mr. Plasil for the middle school team.

Winter Sports and Activities:
Middle School:
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Choir                                                    
  • Math Counts
  • Math Counts
  • JV and Varsity Secondary Girls Basketball
  • JV and Varsity Secondary Boys Basketball
  • Robotics
  • Wrestling
  • Swimming
  • Choir

For more details and specifics on the various sports and activities offered at KIS, please contact Mr. Curry, the athletic director.
By: Timothy Roby

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reaching to Help Others

By Anastasiya Zamula

The Elementary Humanitarian Club seems to be a great opportunity for kids to learn that there are people deeply in need of help, but it is more than just that.

I had a chance to interview members of the Elementary Humanitarian Club when they were making Christmas cards for orphans. The idea of kids trying to help others in need is controversial, since some people think that little kids can't make a difference, but KIS elementary students have proven the opposite for several years, and this year is not an exception.

As I was visiting the Club, some members shared with me their plans for this school year in order to help others. Right now, The Humanitarian Club is preparing to send Christmas bags to the orphanages. Elementary students are bringing all the necessities that orphans might need, as well as creating handmade Christmas cards.

Mrs. Bateman shared with me the more distant plans for the Humanitarian Club. Students will be fundraising through upcoming bake-sales to buy nessesities for the seniors of the orphanages. This isn't Mrs. Bateman's first year in the Humanitarian Club, she explained what is so special to her about leading the Humanitarian Club:
 It is a great thing to able to teach kids to help others. I see how they are reaching to help others and growing into humble people. I love teaching students important things like carring for others, and I am glad I can.
It is clear that members of the Humanitarian Club are passionate about what they are doing.  They are an inspiration to all of us to reach out and help others.

Members of Elementary Humanitarian Club 2012-2013

KIS Elementary/Middle School Counselor Here to Help

Students, teachers, and work are three of the first things that come to mind when the world "school" is brought up. Even though these three things are main components of school, people under estimate the importance of the role that guidance counselors play in the lives and development of students. This being said, KIS would like to give a warm welcome to our new elementary/middle school counselor Gala Kolmsee.
Mrs. Kolmsee, originally from Michigan, USA, has come to us from Baku, Azerbaijan in order to help "prepare students for a life of responsibility and enjoyment." The glorious city of Kiev welcomed her in August with hot weather and lovely vivid green forests and gardens; a perfect setting for some of her hobbies like swimming, hiking, and traveling.
Mrs. Kolmsee started the year and continues to be eager to interact with students of various ages, ranging from 3 to 13, along with her colleagues. With her previous experience both as a teacher and a counselor in a variety of countries including Mexico,  Germany, Korea, and Pakistan, she brings a lot to the table in terms of "orienting students towards the path of recognizing their options, talents, what appropriate behavior is, and the importance of responsibility to others and planet earth"; her main philosophy regarding counseling.

Greatly motivated by her "desire to asist others in living a fulfilled life, without fear", Mrs. Kolmsee is a great addition to the KIS community,

We are happy to have such a great addition to the KIS staff and community, KIS once again welcomes Mrs. Kolmsee, and hopes her motivation fueled by the desire to assist others in living a fulfilled life, without fears continues to burn, and makes her season in Kyiv so much more enjoyable.

By: Nadia Rendon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MS Robotics CEESA

By Brian Jung

In an interview with Mr. Thompson, the co-advisor of the MS Robotics Club, I ask him what exactly is the Robotics activity all about.

Robotics deals with the design, construction, and programming of robots (autonomous technology). Middle School Robotics uses Lego Mindstorm robotics kits to build and program robots. The CEESA challenge forces students to build a robot that can complete 12 challenges by itself with no outside control (I have the challenges set-up in my classroom…you can check it out if you would like…room 1402).

Alex Hult, Alex Cherinavsky, Oskar Dyberg, Philip Bryan, Ruslan Bryan, Ziad Miqdadi, Kirill Yanakovech are all the participants of this year's Robotic Club. In a few short weeks (November 29-30) the coaches and participants will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland for the annual Robotics CEESA.

Currently there are seven other schools: Anglo-American School of Moscow (AASM), American School of Warsaw (ASW), American International School of Budapest (AISB), Pechersk School International, Kyiv, Ukraine (PSI), Anglo-American School of Sofia (AASS), American International School of Vilnius, Lithuania (AISV) that KIS will compete against for the CEESA trophies, including the sportsmanship trophy.

Mr. Thompson encourages everyone to take a look at Lego Mindstorms online. Thompson adds, but the special features for the competition are that the robot has to be programmed to do everything itself. For an idea of what this looks like…check out this youtube video:,

Mr. Thompson  and Mr. Stone encourage any student who would like to come see the demonstration of the KIS robot to visit the Club the week before CEESA when they will be test driving the KIS Robot.

Mr. Tony Stone, MS Robotics Advisor

Girls Varsity Soccer CEESA Final Day

By Anastasiya Zamula
Anastasiya (Stacy) is a Lady Kozak and a contributing journalist to KIS Today.

Saturday, November 10th, was the last day of the Varsity Girl's CEESA tournament, for some of the players like me,  it was our last soccer game with the KIS team. All of the girls tried to finish well, and it worked.

The first game, Lady Kozaks beat Moscow with the score 2:1, with the goals scored by Amber and Katja. As we were defeated by Moscow in our first game with them, it was great to realize that we actually beat the Moscow team as promised.

The second game was played against Istanbul. This game was right after Moscow,  it wasn't easy for for the Lady Kozaks to play two games in a row, but it didn't stop us from winning that game as well. The score was 2:1 with both goals scored by our captain Katja, one of the goals was a free-kick.

Lady Kozaks placed 5th in the tournament, we tried our best, and the underclassmen promise to come home from CEESA with the first place trophy next year.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Speech and Debate

Duet acting, dramatic reading, and impromptu speaking are also a part of Speech & Debate not only just speeches and debates as most would believe. Speech & Debate is about teams from different various international schools competing both in groups and individually in different events.
These events include not only Speech & Debate as Mr. Roby, one of the two coaches of this year’s team explained.  Speech & Debate for our school is a competition that is part of CEESA tournament, and Speech & Debate is actually more than just speech and debate. There are five different categories that students compete in.
The five events included in Speech & Debate are: 

  • Debate 
    • teams of two must be prepared to argue both sides of a topic or issue against another team.
  • Oral Interpretation 
    • dramatic reading of a passage 
  • Impromptu Speaking 
    • the student is given a topic and only a few minutes to prepare a speech on it 
  • Original Oratory
    •  a student prepares a speech
  • Duet Acting 
    • the students do a skit that varies from either light or serious drama depending on the year
The team this year includes coaches, Tom and Zuzana Roby, the two returning veterans Ani and Paul and the new recruits, George (to the left), Richard, and Maryna. We have practice every week. Lately we have been focusing on debate. We will work individually with students on their dramatic reading and on their speeches,  and critique and give  feedback, but our main focus has been practicing for the actual debate. We know ahead of time what the debate topic will be. And the task will be to resolve (whether) countries are justified in using torture, in the interest of public safety. So team members have to argue for or against, and they have to be prepared to argue both sides.

When asked about his previous experience with Speech & Debate, Mr. Roby had this to say:

For me, I was the coach last year of Speech & Debate. It was the first time that I had formally coached a speech and debate team. Although, I had be involved in Model United Nations in university and I had done some story telling on my own and been a reader at various places and done speech like things before.
The KIS Speech & Debate team will travel to the CEESA tournament from November 14th through the 18th.  The CEESA tournament is in Vilnius Lithuania. In academics there’s no division between bigger and smaller schools, unlike in sports where there’s a blue and a red division based on the size of the school.  This year CEESA decided for Speech & Debate to randomly divide into two divisions, having nothing to do with the size of the schools. One division will travel to  Riga Latvia, and KIS, in the 2nd division will travel to Vilnius.

Let’s wish our Speech & Debate team well as they continue to prepare for their upcoming tournament in November.

- Tim Roby

Sunday, November 11, 2012

JV Boys CEESA - Last Day

The Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Tournament officially ended on Saturday.

Warsaw ended up first, Bucharest - second, Istanbul - third, Kyiv - fourth, Moscow - fifth, and Budapest - sixth.

The first game that day was against Moscow and ended with the score 1:1. Frane scored the goal for KIS. The next game was against Warsaw, and the Kozaks lost 3:0. Finally, Istanbul and Kyiv competed for 3rd/4th place. Daniel Oh scored a goal, but Istanbul still won with the score 2:1.

 The Kozaks returned with a 4th place and a ton of memories. Well done, guys!

By Olexandra Rovinska

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Varsity Boys CEESA - Last Day

Today, Saturday, was the last day of the Varsity Boys Soccer tournament in Bucharest, Romania.

The American School of Bucharest placed first, Warsaw - second, Budapest - third, Kiev - fourth, Moscow - fifth, Istanbul - sixth, Prague - seventh, and the International School of Bucharest - eighth.

In the semifinals, the Kozaks played against Bucharest. On the very first minutes, Alex got hurt and couldn't play anymore. The match ended with a defeat for Kyiv 2:0.

Next, the boys played against Budapest for third and fourth place. The score was 1:1, thanks to Haider's goal. However, it had to be decided who got the third place, so penalties were assigned. KIS lost by penalties 6-7.

Overall, it was a great tournament and a great improvement from last year. Facebook is filled with positive statuses of the soccer players, so evidently, it was a memorable experience. Well done, boys! The trophies are waiting for you next year! 

By Olexandra Rovinska

Varsity Boys CEESA - Day #2

The second day of CEESA was a low-scoring day for the KIS Varsity Boys Soccer Team.

First, the boys played against Bucharest and lost 1:0. Then, they had a match versus Moscow, which ended with the score 0:0. However, they score was unacceptable, so penalties were assigned. Ultimately, the Kozaks won.

Saturday is the last day of the tournament, so don't forget to check the final results in the evening!

By Olexandra Rovinska

Varsity Girls Soccer Day #2 !LIVE!

The Girls Varsity Soccer Team had a second day of the CEESA tournament on Friday, November 10th.

Girls played against the Warsaw team with the score 1:1. The first goal scored that day was by Risako. The ball stayed on the side of t he opponents the whole time, controlled by Amber, Katja, and Miranda. The KIS goalie, Chiara, was bored the first half of the game because the ball never crossed the midline.

The second game was against Prague who won 2:1. It was a tough team to beat, but the first goal of the game was scored by the Kozak player, Amber; the score stayed at 1:0 until about the 40th minute. The KIS players were disappointed by the defeat, but the coach of the Prague team came up to them with a speech after the game. She told them that it was the best that she has ever seen Kiev play in 15 years as well as that they were the toughest team Prague had to face within the tournament. It was a nice compliment since Kozaks were the only ones to score on Prague this year, but the girls are still determined to win this team next year.

There are two games left for the girls to play against Moscow and Istanbul. They are confident in their victory and promise to do their best no matter what.

Wish good luck to the girls and let's see how they will do on their last two games.

By Anastasiya Zamula

JV Boys CEESA - Day #1

The Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team arrived to Budapest, Hungary for the CEESA competition.

On Friday, they had a great, first day of the tournament, winning two games. The first match was versus Budapest, and it ended with the score 3-2 in Kozak favor. Frane, Sami, and Tomer scored the goals for KIS.
The second match was against Bucharest, and KIS won again with the score 2-1. Daniel Oh scored both of the goals.

The third match fell out of the sequence. Kozaks lost against Istanbul 2-0.

The final, decisive games are ahead. Stay tuned to kistoday for more news!

By Olexandra Rovinska

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girls Varsity Soccer !LIVE!

By: Anastasiya Zamula

Thursday, November 8th, was the opening day for Varsity Girls Soccer CEESA. Our girls traveled to Warsaw, Poland and played their first two games in the first day. Though they weren't as successful as predicted, the girls did a great job on controlling the ball and doing their work.

The first game was against Moscow, the team that was undefeatable last year. We lost 2:4, but got some experience on a real grass field, that most of us never got the opportunity to play on. Both goals were scored by our captain, Katja. The Lady Kozaks kept the ball on the other team's side and had many chances to score. Although Moscow conquered us this time, we hope the next games won't be as difficult to win. Coaches of the Moscow team recognized how much the KIS team has improved since last year and wished us luck playing against the other teams.

The second game was against the Vampires from Bucharest. Our team stayed positive and said that we will get the first place despite our 5:0 loss. Well, that's a great attitude for the tournament, and let's hope this is exactly how with CEESA is going to turn out for the Varsity Lady Kozaks.

Stay tuned to KIS Today to be the first to know all the news on this weekend's sporting events!!! Let's wish the girls good luck and hope that they will do their best!