Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Warm Winter Welcome

Sasha holding the Varsity Girl''s Soccer Trophy
By: Nadia Rendon

The KIS STUCO members organized a sports and activities recognition rally this past Wednesday. Students participated not only to celebrate the multiple achievements of the Fall season, but also to make way and give a warm welcome to the new Winter sports and activity season.

The KIS dramatorium resonated with applause as each team that participated during the Fall season (soccer, cross country, MUN, Speech and Debate, and the participants of Annie Jr. the Musical) was brought up on the stage to receive recognition for their outstanding participation and accomplishments.
Mr. Prima and the team give Dima a shirt
recognizing his effort and passion to be on the varsity team. 
Followed by the applause,  some words were spoken by the teams' coaches or representatives to share the highlights of each sport or activity, and to encourage students to join next year. Some speeches, like the varsity boy's soccer team, MUN,  and Speech and Debate also recognized specific members for their hard work, effort, passion and talent.

Speech and Debate Team
Inclusively, George, a first place winner from the CEESA Speech and Debate, gave the audience an amazing demonstration of one of the many events that take place during Speech and Debate CEESA: impromptu speaking, which is when the speaker is given a topic and on the spot has to come up with their speech. George made the crowd go wild as he passionately argued why bubble gum should be illegal.

A small activity was  then planned in order to test the trust between team members and their captains. Balloons topped with shaving cream that were filled with water were placed on top of a team members' head, while the captains had to carefully shave the balloons without popping them.

Trust Test
The crowd anxiously waited for each balloon to pop, while the team members waited with fear and hope that their team captain could actually be trusted. Of course, what the crowd wants, the crowd gets, and all balloons were successfully popped and  team member ended up with clothes and hair covered with a sticky mix of water and shaving cream.

After the celebration of the Fall season, Mr. Curry took the spotlight to inform all secondary students of what is offered in the up-coming season. The Winter activities and their respective coaches and advisors were announced including Math Counts, Basketball, Robotics, Swimming, and Choir.  Students are encouraged to join.

NHS presenting about Environmental Responsibility
The students from NHS also contributed to the recognition rally through a short presentation reminding all students and staff about the importance of taking care of our environment. They provided simple tips on how we can contribute to environmental responsibility, such as, conserving the amount of paper towels we use, or printing double sided in order to decrease our consumption of the valuable resource of paper.

 Once again we would like to congratulate all students and teachers who participated in and contributed to a successful Fall season. To all participants of the Winter activities and sports, we would like to wish you an amazing season, and that all of your goals will be reached!

Varsity Boys Soccer Team

MUN Delegates

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Annie the Musical Actors 

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team


Cross Country Team

STUCO Members