Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Concert: Joy for You & for the Orphans

Have you ever traveled over the vast oceans? Have ever been on a beach resort? Have you ever visited the Eiffel Tower? And most importantly, have you ever came up with an excuse not to visit a famous monument of a city in order to chill at a cafe with your friends?

Some people, specifically the orphans from Tsurupinsk, have never even had the chance to visit Kyiv, the capital of their country. However, the KIS staff is ready to make a dream come true.

On Thursday, December 6th, the KIS staff members, under the organization of  Dr. Jones, will present the 3rd Annual Christmas Concert in the dramatorium at 7:00 pm. "The concert will feature several traditional Christmas songs featuring both Dr. and Mrs. Jones along with the staff choir," explains Mr. Tosser.

Mr. Tosser along with Mrs. Grant and Ms. DeKorte are organizing the fundraising part of the concert. The show will be supplemented with an auction of diverse donated items and services. Money gained from that as well as from the tickets, which cost 150 uah each, will be used to gift orphans of Tiupinks a 3-day Christmas journey to Kyiv. Here, they will be provided with accommodations by a local orphanage and meet new friends. They will also visit several sites and engage into fun activities. "Something as simple as eating at McDonald's or going to a movie is a huge thing for these children," comments Mr. Tosser.

"The success of something like this relies on the participation of our school body and families. The more successful we are, the more Orphans we can help," finalizes Mr. Tosser. Please, take your friends, families and buy your tickets at the reception. Give children hope and fill them with the Christmas spirit! 
By Olexandra Rovinska