Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girls Varsity Soccer !LIVE!

By: Anastasiya Zamula

Thursday, November 8th, was the opening day for Varsity Girls Soccer CEESA. Our girls traveled to Warsaw, Poland and played their first two games in the first day. Though they weren't as successful as predicted, the girls did a great job on controlling the ball and doing their work.

The first game was against Moscow, the team that was undefeatable last year. We lost 2:4, but got some experience on a real grass field, that most of us never got the opportunity to play on. Both goals were scored by our captain, Katja. The Lady Kozaks kept the ball on the other team's side and had many chances to score. Although Moscow conquered us this time, we hope the next games won't be as difficult to win. Coaches of the Moscow team recognized how much the KIS team has improved since last year and wished us luck playing against the other teams.

The second game was against the Vampires from Bucharest. Our team stayed positive and said that we will get the first place despite our 5:0 loss. Well, that's a great attitude for the tournament, and let's hope this is exactly how with CEESA is going to turn out for the Varsity Lady Kozaks.

Stay tuned to KIS Today to be the first to know all the news on this weekend's sporting events!!! Let's wish the girls good luck and hope that they will do their best!