Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KIS Elementary/Middle School Counselor Here to Help

Students, teachers, and work are three of the first things that come to mind when the world "school" is brought up. Even though these three things are main components of school, people under estimate the importance of the role that guidance counselors play in the lives and development of students. This being said, KIS would like to give a warm welcome to our new elementary/middle school counselor Gala Kolmsee.
Mrs. Kolmsee, originally from Michigan, USA, has come to us from Baku, Azerbaijan in order to help "prepare students for a life of responsibility and enjoyment." The glorious city of Kiev welcomed her in August with hot weather and lovely vivid green forests and gardens; a perfect setting for some of her hobbies like swimming, hiking, and traveling.
Mrs. Kolmsee started the year and continues to be eager to interact with students of various ages, ranging from 3 to 13, along with her colleagues. With her previous experience both as a teacher and a counselor in a variety of countries including Mexico,  Germany, Korea, and Pakistan, she brings a lot to the table in terms of "orienting students towards the path of recognizing their options, talents, what appropriate behavior is, and the importance of responsibility to others and planet earth"; her main philosophy regarding counseling.

Greatly motivated by her "desire to asist others in living a fulfilled life, without fear", Mrs. Kolmsee is a great addition to the KIS community,

We are happy to have such a great addition to the KIS staff and community, KIS once again welcomes Mrs. Kolmsee, and hopes her motivation fueled by the desire to assist others in living a fulfilled life, without fears continues to burn, and makes her season in Kyiv so much more enjoyable.

By: Nadia Rendon