Monday, November 5, 2012

Middle School Dramas

Not having enough drama in their lives, some of the middle school students decided to take drama as a class. They practiced during the first quintile and on Wednesday October 24th, both middle school drama classes performed in front of their peers.  In agony, they were trying to remember every line before going on stage; some performed regardless of headaches and sickness, and did their best.  The cast shared with their peers and teachers two different exciting stories and gave unforgettable emotions. 

We think of middle school students as children who don't consider adulthood yet, but what I saw on stage that Wednesday was really far away from childhood. They performed like real actors leaving  their peers wondering how their middle school friends reached such stardom in acting. The crew received a lot of compliments from their friends and teachers.

I got curious what the young actors think about their own performances. I got a chance to talk to them during the interview session orgonized by their director Ms.Sheridan.They told me many interesting backstage stories as well as their future plans on the matter of acting and performing. 

Most of the actors were happy with their performance, even though they remainded me, there is no end to perfection. Some said that there were a couple of lines that they had forgotten or mixed up. Others commented on a few minor mistakes with light and sound effects.  Even though those mistakes didn't ruin the performance for the audience, the actors said that next time they would definitely try to avoid those errors. A few students mentioned that they tried to restrain from laughing during the performance even though the audience was bursting in laughter at some of the scenes. One of the actresses,  Masha who played a detective Monika Von Hess in the second play Taking a Bite Out of Crime said the audience was laughing so much when I brought the stick on stage to kill the vampire, but I tried not to react and hold to what I needed to do.

For many actors, playing someone else was not an easy task, but some of them had no problems. As Paul, who played Ben (Vampire), said  I enjoyed being different from the rest of the cast playing the good people. The trio that performed in the first play, Hopeless, didn't expect the roles they were given. At first, we chose the roles that matched our personalities said Katie,  who played peace-maker Rachel,  but Ms.Sheridan totally switched us around. 

Ms. Sheridan played the role of  the producton director, making sure that both plays would be a success. She used to be an actress herself; it is in her blood to act. Many students shared that Ms. Sheridan did an amazing job giving advice and teaching them how to perform. Many other acting classes are yet to come, as well as many great performances by KIS students. Great productions are always welcomed in our community!

By reporter of KIS Today Anastasiya Zamula