Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moldova and Belarus QSI Teachers Come to Learn at KIS

Mr. Plasil Leading a Workshop
QSI teachers from Moldova and Belarus joined together with KIS teachers to expand their knowledge and skill in the teaching profession.  KIS was pleased to host this year's professional development and offer teachers a variety of workshops.

Dr. Merry Wade
Dr. Merry Wade was in attendance and led workshops for our paraprofessionals on Mastery Learning.  KIS PE teachers and bus monitors were trained in First Aid.  Many other informative sessions were held such as Mrs. Shapka's workshop on Music Mania, and Mr. Plasil's workshop on hitting the mark where teachers practiced archery.  Mr. and Mrs. Bateman commented on the workshop they attended on integrating the Internet in the classroom, the information that was presented was FANTASTIC!, they  both agreed.

Thursday evening, the KIS staff hosted a traditional American Thanksgiving feast for the Moldova and Belarus visitors. Ms. Rachel DuBose, KIS Preschool coordinator, and Ms. Zoya Kimich, preschool teacher,  put great effort in organizing the event and many people behind the scenes helped to pull the event together.  Some very important behind the scenes help came from our KIS maintenance staff who set up and tore down the entire weekend event.
Ms. DuBose: Welcome

On Friday evening, teachers from the visiting countries, toured beautiful Kyiv.  A big thank-you to many KIS teachers who volunteered to act as tour guides Friday evening, including Ms. Nussbaum who offered to take visiting teachers Salsa dancing. 

The visiting teachers were very pleased with the hospitality of KIS and many commented about the friendly atmosphere of the school and the warm welcome they received from the KIS staff.  Pooling the resources of three QSI schools to have an informative and interesting professional development for all three schools was a great success and enjoyable for teachers; hard work can be fun.

By: Jenny Deadline