Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MUN Continued - Teenagers Declare World War III

By: Nadia Rendon

Speaking in the Polish Parliament and Royal Castle, participating in fruitful debates on important global matters, creating secret and public allies, and even declaring the Third World War, among many other wars; these are all part of the average day of an MUN delegate.

Day two of the MUN conferences consisted of a packed agenda, as the delegates continued to make their voices and the voices of their countries heard as they formed resolutions for important matters and voted on amendments.

As issues were being resolved, the delegates of KIS anxiously anticipated and prepared for the coming of the General Assembly where a crisis simulation would take place.

"I'm so nervous, I have no idea what's going to happen since our topic is a complete surprise and our countries may be re-assigned, but the chance to speak at the parliament is so exiting!"

And so it was an exciting and nerve wracking experience as various delegates stood up to speak at the rostroom in order to solve the unknown crisis: a secret alliance between Russia and China to drill the Arctic Zone.

"I was so nervous when speaking. I got up there and realized what I was about to do and my body just started shaking. It shook so much even a friend that was sitting far away could see it. Once it was over though I was so pumped up about it. All I wanted to do was to keep going up there."

As the conference took its course, various countries actively participated in bringing up their positions and concerns on matters, such as ecological and economical impacts. However the inevitable fact of having opposing opinions and personal interests for countries caused even more controversy. Pages (official note passers) rushed like busy ants to pass notes between allies getting ready to declare war against the enemies.

Before anyone knew it, after a quick recession, the delegation of South Africa declared World War III, through a speech full of giggles. House was then quickly called to order and the chairs quickly scaled upon other countries to prevent the war.

With this the exhilarating course of events the session was closed for the day and the delegates prepared to go home or, out to the city.

Will World War III actually take place, or will the delegates be able to save the world from yet another catastrophe?