Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MUN On the Run - The Great Finale

By: Nadia Rendon

Left: KIS Today Reporter Live
Nadia Rendon
After three days of fruitful debates both in their commissions and the general assembly, the delegates from Kyiv International School were sad to say that this trip has come to an end. Resolutions were passed, amendments were made as countries proposed solutions in order to prevent the war and restore balance and healthy relations between the countries of the UN.

With global conflicts out of the way, the session was closed and the closing ceremony began to take place. Certificates of participation were passed out by busy pages and awards were given out to those who were most active both inside and outside of the conference rooms.

Not to our surprise, one of our own delegates, Daud, filled the parliament with applause as he received the unique award for Mister MUN. The evening then continued with a banquet at Stefan Batore High School, where all the delegates were able to socialize for one last time with friends they had made over the course of these three days.

As the banquet progressed to an end, goodbyes were said and Facebook requests were sent to establish future contact. The delegates of KIS headed towards the town one last time before having to face the drag of packing their suits, and skirts, and fancy shirts in order to come back to the reality we like to call home.

On behalf of the delegation of KIS I would like to thank Mrs. Armstrong and Mr. Stoltz for all the effort and hard work they've put into this trip in order to make all of this possible. It's wa an amazing and valuable experience for all of us and we are really thankful.

"I can't believe its over.  We prepared so much for these three days which passed so quickly. I'm going to miss this place, the people, and our group. I'll never forget this trip. It has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life"