Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reaching to Help Others

By Anastasiya Zamula

The Elementary Humanitarian Club seems to be a great opportunity for kids to learn that there are people deeply in need of help, but it is more than just that.

I had a chance to interview members of the Elementary Humanitarian Club when they were making Christmas cards for orphans. The idea of kids trying to help others in need is controversial, since some people think that little kids can't make a difference, but KIS elementary students have proven the opposite for several years, and this year is not an exception.

As I was visiting the Club, some members shared with me their plans for this school year in order to help others. Right now, The Humanitarian Club is preparing to send Christmas bags to the orphanages. Elementary students are bringing all the necessities that orphans might need, as well as creating handmade Christmas cards.

Mrs. Bateman shared with me the more distant plans for the Humanitarian Club. Students will be fundraising through upcoming bake-sales to buy nessesities for the seniors of the orphanages. This isn't Mrs. Bateman's first year in the Humanitarian Club, she explained what is so special to her about leading the Humanitarian Club:
 It is a great thing to able to teach kids to help others. I see how they are reaching to help others and growing into humble people. I love teaching students important things like carring for others, and I am glad I can.
It is clear that members of the Humanitarian Club are passionate about what they are doing.  They are an inspiration to all of us to reach out and help others.

Members of Elementary Humanitarian Club 2012-2013