Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Responsibility for the Win

The winner of the elementary success orientation poster contest went to Mrs. Bateman’s 7 year old class. A poster contest was held for all the elementary classes.  Each class created a poster to represent the success orientation, responsibility, for last month. The combined effort of Mrs. Bateman’s class created the winner poster. Last Friday afternoon the class had a pizza party in order to celebrate their effort and a job well done.

Mrs. Bateman's 7 year old class
7B's 3-Part Poster
Their poster was divided into three parts to represent responsibility in three different areas: school, community, and home. Then the students individually created their own picture that depicted responsibility in their lives within one or more of the three areas. There were some very practical pictures and examples, as well as a few funny and creative ones, and some very interesting ones as well. During the party I went around and spoke with students about their individual drawings and asked them to explain to me how their drawings showed responsibility.

7B Enjoying a Well-Deserved Pizza Party
However, one of the drawings stood out and even confused me a bit at first. It was a picture of a boy and girl at a park with the boy standing by a stroller. The girl was asking “Do you want to play”, with a response from the boy of “No.” I was confused at first as to how this would show responsibility. I spoke to David, who drew the picture and asked why he drew that particular picture and what it had to do with responsibility. David explained that he has to watch his little brother and do chores before he can go and play. As both a younger brother and older brother myself, I thought that was pretty cool how already at his age he is doing what he is supposed to and taking his job as a big brother seriously. 

There were many other interesting and creative examples from Mrs. Bateman’s 7 year olds. I invite you to go and see some of the other thought-provoking ideas, including some of the other posters from this contest as well.

By: Tim Roby