Monday, November 12, 2012

Speech and Debate

Duet acting, dramatic reading, and impromptu speaking are also a part of Speech & Debate not only just speeches and debates as most would believe. Speech & Debate is about teams from different various international schools competing both in groups and individually in different events.
These events include not only Speech & Debate as Mr. Roby, one of the two coaches of this year’s team explained.  Speech & Debate for our school is a competition that is part of CEESA tournament, and Speech & Debate is actually more than just speech and debate. There are five different categories that students compete in.
The five events included in Speech & Debate are: 

  • Debate 
    • teams of two must be prepared to argue both sides of a topic or issue against another team.
  • Oral Interpretation 
    • dramatic reading of a passage 
  • Impromptu Speaking 
    • the student is given a topic and only a few minutes to prepare a speech on it 
  • Original Oratory
    •  a student prepares a speech
  • Duet Acting 
    • the students do a skit that varies from either light or serious drama depending on the year
The team this year includes coaches, Tom and Zuzana Roby, the two returning veterans Ani and Paul and the new recruits, George (to the left), Richard, and Maryna. We have practice every week. Lately we have been focusing on debate. We will work individually with students on their dramatic reading and on their speeches,  and critique and give  feedback, but our main focus has been practicing for the actual debate. We know ahead of time what the debate topic will be. And the task will be to resolve (whether) countries are justified in using torture, in the interest of public safety. So team members have to argue for or against, and they have to be prepared to argue both sides.

When asked about his previous experience with Speech & Debate, Mr. Roby had this to say:

For me, I was the coach last year of Speech & Debate. It was the first time that I had formally coached a speech and debate team. Although, I had be involved in Model United Nations in university and I had done some story telling on my own and been a reader at various places and done speech like things before.
The KIS Speech & Debate team will travel to the CEESA tournament from November 14th through the 18th.  The CEESA tournament is in Vilnius Lithuania. In academics there’s no division between bigger and smaller schools, unlike in sports where there’s a blue and a red division based on the size of the school.  This year CEESA decided for Speech & Debate to randomly divide into two divisions, having nothing to do with the size of the schools. One division will travel to  Riga Latvia, and KIS, in the 2nd division will travel to Vilnius.

Let’s wish our Speech & Debate team well as they continue to prepare for their upcoming tournament in November.

- Tim Roby