Saturday, November 10, 2012

Varsity Boys CEESA - Last Day

Today, Saturday, was the last day of the Varsity Boys Soccer tournament in Bucharest, Romania.

The American School of Bucharest placed first, Warsaw - second, Budapest - third, Kiev - fourth, Moscow - fifth, Istanbul - sixth, Prague - seventh, and the International School of Bucharest - eighth.

In the semifinals, the Kozaks played against Bucharest. On the very first minutes, Alex got hurt and couldn't play anymore. The match ended with a defeat for Kyiv 2:0.

Next, the boys played against Budapest for third and fourth place. The score was 1:1, thanks to Haider's goal. However, it had to be decided who got the third place, so penalties were assigned. KIS lost by penalties 6-7.

Overall, it was a great tournament and a great improvement from last year. Facebook is filled with positive statuses of the soccer players, so evidently, it was a memorable experience. Well done, boys! The trophies are waiting for you next year! 

By Olexandra Rovinska