Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elementary, Middle and Secondary School Talent Shows

By Anastasiya Zamula

The performances of the talent shows on November 28th and 29th brought a lot of warm emotions into the hearts of the audience. The talent show was split into two productions: elementary on Wednesday and middle and secondary school on Thursday. Both shows gathered a  large audience and displayed great effort from the participants.

The elementary show attracted students along with support from their parents and KIS staff members. The show was organized by Mrs. Lastovish. A variety of talents were presented. Kids were dancing, singing, acting, playing all kinds of instuments, and even an art of fighting was presented. In total about 40 acts were performed. As Mr.D'Ettorre said:
More than 100 people gathered in our dramatorium, people were standing on the sides, kids were sitting on the floor. Every participant had friends or family coming to support them.

The audience of the middle and secondary school talent show incorporated staff, some parents, but mostly friends coming to support the performers, and for those who came, it was an amazing evening of entertainment. Even with minor technical errors, the show made people laugh and appreciate the talents of our KIS students.

Students are already waiting for the next talent show, but that will be in Spring. The atmosphere of family support and encouragement from friends were present during both evenings, and our big KIS family has many more opportunities to support each other ahead. Events like these make our KIS community come closer together.  We look forward to the talents coming in the Spring talent show.