Sunday, December 9, 2012

Country Highlight-More Than It Seems

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The country with the longest wind instrument in the world known as "Trembita". The country where the Bond girl of the 22nd James Bond movie, Olga Kurylenko, was born. The country where Steven Spielberg's grandparents' came from. The country where the first kerosene lamp in the world was created in 1853. The country with the third most visited McDonald’s on the globe. The country with the second deepest subway station in the world, extending down 105 meters. The country called Ukraine.

Ukraine is Europe's geographical center. Its population is about 45 million, 3 million of which reside in Kyiv. It's the largest country in Europe, extending for 603,628 km². Ukraine's land is very widespread, including rivers like the Dnieper, and mountains like the Carphathians. In addition to 7 countries, it borders the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, so there are numerous sites to see in the country.

For those people fascinated by castles, there is the Khotyn Fortress; an attraction listed in the Seven Wonders of Ukraine since 2007. Its construction began way back in 1325 in Khotyn, a Western Ukrainian city. This fortress has been the center of attention of various legends and movies. Some of the top movies filmed there were the Russian movie called "Taras Bulba", as well as the famous  "The Three Musketeers".

Another national sight is the Mlynki Cave: a 35-kilometer long, gypsum cave located in the Ternopil region. The cave is a natural occurrence containing various beautiful crystals and even serving as a habitat for bats. The consistent temperature of 9-12 degrees Celcius and its benefit for health makes it a definite must-see place.

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However, fascinating tunnels are not limited to the underground. The region of Rivno has a kilometer-long, on-ground pathway known as the "Love Tunnel". It is based on an abandoned train track and is completely bound with trees. The scene creates a beautiful background for photos during all seasons, as long as the branches are covered with leaves or snow.

Although Ukraine's capital city, Kyiv, doesn't have an official H&M store or Starbucks Coffee, it has plenty other exceptional places. First of all, Kyiv is filled with beautiful historical sites, such as the "House with Chimaeras" (also known as the "Gorodetsky House"). Originally Gorodetsky built it as his own apartment back in 1903, but since 2005 it serves as a "presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies." The masterpiece of modern architecture can be seen on Bankova street near the center.

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Next, Kyiv stuns its tourists with the Museum of Miniature located within the territory of the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Nikolay Siadristy, the author of the display, put a lot of effort to make it an exhibition leaving children and adults in awe, unlike a typical museum. Some of the works include a portrait of a famous ballerina depicted on a 3x4 millimeter cherry seed, and Kobzar - the smallest book in the world. It is only 0.6 milimeters in size, but contains as many as 12 pages with poetic works.

For people who just want to have a rest, the capital presents an entertaining and healthy cafe called the "Salt Cave". It is located on the Taras Shevchenko Bulvar and is created out of 12 tons of natural salt imported from the Carpathian region. One cubic meter of the air might contain about 15 milimeter of salt; this greatly contributes to a person's well-being. About 10 to 15 visit to this cafe can be equalized with a rest near the sea or the mountains, claims the cafe's administration.

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Ukraine has an extensive list of fascinating places, many of which are located in Kyiv. This developing country is filled with national, as well as international sites. Ukraine even has its own Venice, Versailles, and Stonhenge. Once you'll start to explore, you'll never get enough!

By Olexandra Rovinska