Thursday, December 6, 2012

Suggestions for the Winter Holidays

By Anastasiya (Stacy) Zamula

Many KIS members are staying in Kyiv for the holiday break. Although it might seem boring to stay at home for the holidays, that does not have to be necessarily true. There are so many activities in Kyiv which people do not know.

There are plenty of different programs and shows related to winter that are happening in Kyiv over the break. There is a traditional Ukrainian celebration called "Novogodnyaya Yolka". It usually consists of a concert with a fairy tale, Santa Claus, and a lot of sweet treats. All the kids love to attend Yolki, and the tickets are very inexpensive. Additionally, many ballet and opera performances related to this holiday season will be in town. For example, Circus Christmas shows are entertaining for the whole family. Anyone who is interested in attending any of the concerts visit

For those who want to spend their break in Kyiv more actively can visit numerous skating rinks, including one right in the center of the city . This open-air rink is going to be in operation really soon, so prepare your skates. For skiers or snowboarders, Protasov Yar is a great place to spend the day. Though there is not a variety of slides to try out as at a skiing resort, it's still an awesome opportunity to spend a fun time while staying active.

Ocean Plaza Grand Opening December 7th
If you want to treat yourself and your family with gifts, shopping is something that many of us love to do, especially when Christmas is coming and the list for Santa is growing. Ocean Plaza is a new mall that just opened on metro Libidska. It is a place that has a huge variety of shops which are being presented in Ukraine for the first time. Besides the shopping, there is a cinema, a skating rink, many restaurants, and the biggest European aquarium with real sharks. From my own experience I have to say that one day is not enough to see even half of what is presented in Ocean Plaza.

Winter Break is a great opportunity for everyone to spend time with their family and rest before getting back to work. Christmas is the time to bring magic into your life. Enjoy the break, no matter where you spend it!