Saturday, January 19, 2013

Country Highlights: Canada

 By Anastasiya Zamula

The Country of Great Choices 

Skiing Resort In Canadian Mountains
Canada has always been viewed as a second USA, but not many people actually know that Canada isn't simply a country of cold, maple syrup and hockey. It is a country with great life opportunities, international communities, and as Canadians themselves say A country where everyone has a chance for the life that they enjoy.

Once you have experienced  the beauty of the nature, you never want to leave. Canada, lying within the fifteen terrestrial and five marine Eco zones, has a great mass of natural parts and wildlife territories such as the Canadian Rocky Mountain Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Nahanni National Park Reserve, Cabot Trail, and Niagara Falls. The nature gives an opportunity for many outdoor activities like camping, skiing/snowboarding, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skating, and many others.

The Night View Of Toronto
Apart from the nature, Canada has many cities for the lovers of urban life. Vancouver, Calgary, Niagara Fall, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax are some of the greatest cities in Canada with numerous sites to visit. For example, Toronto is Canada's largest city and financial center with a huge amount of tourist attractions like the Eaton Center, a bright and airy shopping mall in the heart of Toronto's downtown that houses more than 250 stores. The CN Tower at 1,815 feet has lost its title as the tallest free standing structure in the world, but still attracts millions of tourists looking for a bird's eye view of Toronto and the surrounding areas. For history or architecture lovers, Casa Loma is an interesting place to visit. Built by wealthy Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in the early 1900s, Casa Loma, similar to Hearst Castle in California, represents one man's architectural dream. Quebec City is another amazing city that is located in the province of Quebec and is filled with history and architecture for those who enjoy the historical more than the modern world. Places like Notre Dame des Victoires church in the lower town, built on the site of Champlain's original "Habitation de Quebec", to the 19th-century Citadel and fortifications which surround the Upper Town of Old Quebec. Although Vieux Quebec has a number of excellent museums, its cobblestone streets are full of life, with excellent restaurants and varied shopping.
View of the Lake in Halifax

Life in Canada varies. It all depends on what you love to do. Canada is the place for those who enjoy nature, love to live in a big city that never sleeps, or enjoy mountains and beaches,  fresh water from the lakes Mr.Pillon reflects, or diversity of the cultures.

KIS student Miranda Curry talks about what she loves about her native country Canada the most: I like the people. I feel that in Canada, people don't discriminate as much as they do in other countries. Canadians are known for their hospitality and that makes me proud to be Canadian, but lets not to forget the food. 

Everybody has an equal opportunity in Canada, Mr.Pillon says, for example, average people can get involved in politics, and the government is very stable. 

There are no words in the world to describe all the positive aspects of Canada. It's not simply a country of hockey and maple syrup, but those are two big pluses about Canada.  

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