Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fitness Students of the Quintile

By: Tim Roby

You may or may not have seen it posted on the Secondary PE bulletin, outside of the PE office or read about it in the Kozak Korner; It being the Fitness Student of the Quintile. When I noticed this one day, I became interested and wanted to find out more details. I decided to ask Mr. Peace what this award was all about.

Mr. Peace said that he came up with this award “to bring attention to the importance of fitness for one’s life long health and happiness mentally, emotionally and spiritually”

Mr. Peace stressed that it is important to have a “good balance” with one’s body, mind and spirit. Regular fitness workouts allow one to stay competitive in whatever sports they may partake. Fitness is also important to enable one to participate safely in sports without injuries. Even if you do not participate in sports regularly, regular fitness workouts are still vital  to stay in shape and for overall good health.  Mr. Peace used Kobe Bryant, one of the best current professional basketball players, as an example of this, saying how he has been able to stay competitive at the highest level of professional sports for so long because of his “superb fitness conditioning”.  

In order for one to receive this Fitness Student of the Quintile award, the student must be almost perfect in all four of the different categories:  attendance, chapter book tests, participation in all fitness activities and sportsmanship. This means, for instance, that even if a student is an exceptional athlete, but  they fail to get an A on the PE book tests or miss several classes, or do not show the proper sportsmanship, they will most likely lose their chance of being recognized and receiving this award. 

Only one boy and girl with the best standing in all four of these categories are recognized and receive this award each quintile. The students who have received this award thus far have been Roman and Helena from the first quintile and Daniel and Amber from the second quintile. Mr. Peace expressed how proud he was of these students and their achievements, as should we all.

For any more information about Fitness Student of the Quintile, please contact Mr. Peace in the PE office by the gyms or at