Saturday, January 26, 2013

George the Judo Guy

By Brian Jung

George is a Secondary I student at KIS. George has been practicing Judo for 7 years. Some of you know George as the Secondary I student that took 1st place in Speech and Debate CEESA this school year. George shared his background on how he started Judo and about his involvement with Speech and Debate.
I started doing Judo when I was quite young and have been practicing ever since. I began training because of my father who assured me that I was built for the sport and dragged me into my first practice by force. However over the years, I have learned to love the sport and all the benefits it wields. Judo has been my main athletic purpose, and has really pushed me to better myself in various aspects. Quickly I noticed I have quite a talent for the sport with a deadly blend of dominating power and the grace of a slightly wounded gazelle. In fact I have since become so renown for my skill that I can barely find opponents to face, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that no one at the age of 14 fits my weight class. All kidding aside, Judo has truly grown me as a human being and while I have less time to practice now with homework and all, Judo is still a huge part of my life.
George said that Speech and Debate was a great experience that he was initially forced into by his sister.
The team did not have enough people and she guilted me into going. I wasn't very fond of the idea at first, but I quickly began to enjoy the practices and started viewing it as a great way to expand my horizons. As far as the actual first place winning impromptu speech goes I find it actually was not my strongest of the tournament however my overall style remained coherent. An awe inspiring blend of my laid back nature, condescending sense of humor, and as one of my coaches put it, "misanthropic nature" helped solidify my triumphant victory. While triumphant might seem like a bit of an over exaggeration since Speech and Debate isn't the "coolest" event, let us remember that out of all the teams, we were the only ones to bring home a first place medal.
George was persuaded into both Judo and Speech & Debate by his family. We will never know what we can achieve unless we try. George was encouraged to try something that he wasn't exactly sure about, but, he soon realized that he enjoys both Judo and Speech & Debate, and these activities have helped him to develop as an individual.