Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Students and Teachers Enjoyed Christmas Break

By Brian Jung

I asked several people to share with KISToday what activities they enjoyed during the break. Some shared their traditional celebrations and others, a favorite memory of Christmas or New Year.

Ms. Demmy
Rest, caught up on her sleep, got to explore a little more of Kyiv, celebrated Christmas with the Batemans, and a huge group of other people too, describes Ms. Demmy's holiday break.  Ms. Kitchens and her kids were a part of the Bateman's festive celebration as well. The Batemans put up a grand Christmas tree. Mr. and Mrs. Bateman say that Christmas is their favorite holiday. Their daughter came from university for a visit. Mr Bateman made handmade stockings for the whole family, and  the amazing tree decorated their home. Everyone ate pies, turkey, and cranberries.

On New Year's Eve, Ms. Demmy went to the Valley twice with Ms. Natasha, as well as visiting St. Sophia, and the Opera House to see a good ballet. Mr. Bryan and his 4 boys also attended the Opera House during the holidays to see the Nutcracker.

Mr. Blain
Mr. Blain went back to Idaho and enjoyed his family's tradition to be together, decorate, and share a special dinner. For New Year's, the Blain family opened a gift, went out for dinner and then to a club to dance in the New Year.

Secondary l student Alice said her favorite Christmas memory was decorating a Christmas tree and receiving money on New Year from  elder people, since it is a Korean tradition. Alice said: Since I am Korean, I do have a traditional celebration. Korean New Year called "Seol" is very important to my family. We spend that day in a traditional way. However, my family just spends Christmas together in a formal way.

Secondary I student Tomer said, I don't exactly have a New Years celebration, but I did celebrate Hanukkah in December.

Secondary I student George enthusiastically shared his favorite Christmas memory with KISToday, As a kid I remember getting a punching bag for my room as a present. I was incredibly happy and I still have it to this day. George said when asked about his New Year's tradition: We do this thing where right before midnight the kids leave the house and when they return the parents throw candy in order to bring good luck. 

Secondary l student Polina shared her favorite Christmas memory with KISToday, My favorite winter holiday memory would be when I went with my grandma, my cousin and my sister to Egypt or when I went with my family and my 2 older sisters to the Carpathian Mountains. Both of the vacations were really entertaining, even though I broke my arm during the second one. My favorite part of Christmas is the preparation before the dinner and decorating the Christmas tree. I also greatly enjoy the dinner itself.

As you can see, the KIS community enjoyed their Winter break.  It is interesting how a diverse community spends their break, each a little differently, but commonly with the ones they love. Some talked about their favorite memories and family traditions and others recalled the last month's of activities. Hope you all had a great break too!