Sunday, January 27, 2013

International Night 2013- A Night of Festivities

By Anastasiya Zamula

The traditional KS International Night was held this past Saturday January 26th.  The activities filled both gymnasiums at KIS. Many families came out to support the event, and make the night extremely fun. As usual many traditions, foods, and costumes of a variety of countries were presented by KIS families and teachers. The concerts, with various national songs and dances, were greatly appreciated by everyone. Many families came and celebrated the night. This evening was an opportunity for everybody to learn about other customs and share their own. A Raffle, music, performances, food, fun, all in a great gathering of cultures. It was the KIS annual occasion for such an interaction of countries.

Secondary IV student, Katja, came to support her native country, Germany. I liked how a lot of people were wearing the traditional dress from their countries, she reflected, The food was amazing. Overall the atmosphere was pretty cool just due to the huge culture clash and everyone hanging out with everyone, sharing recipes, and tasting all the food.

While some enjoyed the food, others appreciated the atmosphere of the night. As one of the Secondary II students, Sasha, shared her opinion about the night: I loved the performances. They were a great addition to the international atmosphere. Also, I loved seeing students' parents dressed up in national costumes and supporting the celebration. It's great when even older people have lots of spirit in them!

Thank you to everyone who prepared food, and decorated a booth and to all who came to the event supporting the atmosphere with national costumes, and finally to those who organized such a festive evening for the KIS community. There are many more International Nights yet to come, and we hope the KIS family participation continues.