Wednesday, January 23, 2013

KIS Community Gives Back

By: Nadia Rendón

Giving gifts, giving love, and most importantly giving back were all characteristics of the past holiday season, but here at KIS helping out occurs all year round.

Whether it be done by  teachers and students, in groups or individually the KIS community loves to give back! Student clubs such as the H.E.L.P. Club and the Middle School and Secondary Humanitarian Club are especially designed for giving back to the community. Various projects are created in order to collect money and donate it to different types of charity. 

"As of right now, we are organising stuff for the International Night, but in long term we are collecting money to be able to afford wheelchairs for disabled people," a H.E.L.P. club member informed. 

Christmas Benefit Concert
Within the KIS community it is not necessary to join a group in order to help out. Individually initiated projects are commonly seen within the school. One example of this is the Christmas Benefit concert that the KIS staff presents annually. This year's concert/ and raffle was a great success raising $3,300; double the amount that was raised the year before. In addition the audience walked away with an interesting story to tell since halfway through the concert the lights went out, making it a "21st century version of carols by candle light" according to participant and organizer of the event, Dr. Jones. 

A few of students were asked how they think they give back to their community. 

"I contribute to the community by first setting an example," said Borjan, "I think all of us foreigners do that here. I think it's our duty to be presentable citizens. Next, I give back to KIS by being there at a lot of events and games, building school and community spirit; social events for expats are very very important."

" I am a member of the H.E.L.P. Club  so I participate in their fundraising activities, but I also give back to the community by being polite, and cleaning up after myself and sometimes others," informed Eylul, "I think that giving back isn't limited to big projects and plans, even the smallest effort counts and makes a difference."

Finally Paul reflected on his experience as a 2012 Euro Cup volunteer. 

"Ukraine does not posses a strong, positive image in the global world. In the best case scenario we are viewed as a country with a potentially strong agriculture; in the worst, as a secondary outgrowth of Russia, without a positive future. As a citizen of Ukraine with the benefit of an international experience, I found it important to provide any help to the guests of UEFA; to enlighten them to a more positive view on Ukraine. A view that Ukraine is a beautiful country, with not only potential, but achievement."

We'd like YOU to also join in on helping the KIS community give back! If there's any interest in joining any of the clubs mentioned above feel free to contact R.J. Jackson ( for the H.E.L.P. Club or Mrs. Cynthia Bateman ( for the Elementary Humanitarian Club.