Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MS Math Counts CEESA Coming Soon

Palms are sweating, hearts are throbbing, pencils are rushing; all of this while time is running out. Speed, ability, drive, and passion is all it takes to be in Math Counts.

KIS is proud to announce that the annual Middle School Math Counts competition will be held here, on our campus, on January 31- February 3. Various international schools from cities such as Moscow, Prague, Budapest, and Warsaw will get together to demonstrate their ability and love for math.

Four rounds of mathematical challenges are expected at the competition: sprint round, target round, team round, and count down round. The first two rounds are completed individual. The sprint round first measures the participants' speed as they are expected to complete 30 problems under a strict time limit. The next round (target round) consists of 8 problems that involve intricate multi-step problem solving and reasoning. Once the individual rounds are over, students in teams of four, cooperate in order to complete 10 questions. All competitors are required to participate in the first three rounds, but only the top 10 will proceed to the decisive count down round. Here students will face each other in pairs, fighting to be the first to have the chance to buzz in the correct answer and eliminate their opponent from the competition. The final winner will then of course be the last one standing

Two teams, led by Mr. Plasil and Mr. Alman, will be representing KIS this year. Appropriate measures have been taken in order to prepare them for the competition. Students meet every Monday and Wednesday to learn about the different components of the competition, like rules and problem solving skills.

"I am looking forward to the atmosphere and to hosting visiting students, making new friends.The most exciting part of the competition is the final individual round. It is amazing to see how fast the top students are in solving problems. Many of them can solve a problem before I have time to finish reading it.", Mr. Plasil said.

Good luck Kozaks!