Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Researching the Future

 By Anastasiya Zamula

Most of the senior students in schools are now facing the problem of choosing how to spend the rest of their lives. Everyone has a dream of becoming someone as they are growing up, but sometimes those dreams grow into the determination for making a solid career and sometimes they just leave a person hanging with a question: What to do for the rest of the life? Though there is a possibility of changing plans as one enters university, it is always better to stick with the first choice for the rest of the educational experience.

Unfortunately, I, as well as many other students all over the world, fall into the group of those people who can't solidly decide on their future plans, but even those who know how they want to build their career  face the long process of choosing the universities along with course of study and housing. As members of an international community, the KIS students apply to schools in different locations to have a better choice of opportunities. Though it is the right decision, the process of filling in endless applications, sending documents, writing essays, and seeing the counselor every day takes twice as much time than when a student just applies to one country.

Facebook statuses like I got accepted, or I finally finished all the applications keep on popping up on the screen more often as February approaches and many other students are nervous about not finishing everything on time. Who would expect it takes forever to finish all of this, some of them say. Other students reflect that they haven't even begun this process.

Our school counselor Mr. Runyan says: Applications are a serious process that takes a lot of time and determination.

Let's hope that all the seniors get their many applications done soon, and one piece of advice to those who will be facing the application process in a year or so: don't wait until the deadline to get everything done.