Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Success Orientations- Group Interaction

January's Success Orientation is Group Interaction. Success Orientations are important part of the QSI Mission statement. You either get an N, S, or E. N stands for not yet, S stands for success and E stands for exemplary. Group Interaction basically means to interact in groups. For example, when there is a group project going on, everyone should participate and do all the parts that they have to do. That's what group interaction is.

Mr. Runyan
Here are the requirement that students should meet for Group Interaction:

  1. The Student Will demonstrate group involvement by actively participating in activities.
  2. TSW demonstrate support of leadership by
    1. displaying words and actions that encourage responsible behavior by others.
    2.  displaying words and actions which promote learning in a classroom by others.
    3.  being a person who does not discourage responsible behavior or learning by others.
    4. assisting the leadership of others by cooperating and being good followers.
  3.  TSW demonstrate support of group activities by:
    1.  contributing ideas that are related to the goals of the group.
    2.  being a person who does not make negative comments that are not constructive.
    3.  controlling emotions when discussing different points of view.
    4.  displaying kindness when expressing an opinion.
    5.  displaying a cooperative attitude.
 When students learn how to work as a group, it will help them later in life in the workplace to be part of the team and achieve the goals of their employer. Learning how to work with others is beneficial to all aspects of a person's life. By the end of January, let's hope we all improve in our group interactions.