Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mark Your Calendars: The International Night

Japanese sushi, American hotdogs, Turkish baklava, Italian pasta, Indian samosa, Canadian maple syrup, Israeli falafel, French camembert, and, of course, Ukrainian borsch. Is your saliva beginning to form? Because hundreds of similar foods will be at your disposal just two weeks from now.

The annual International Night will be held at KIS on Saturday, the 26th of January, from 17:00 to 20:00 pm. Both gyms will be filled with tables from all the different countries represented within the KIS community!

As for the children, some of the school organizations are planning to set up activities, like face painting and a water balloon toss in the multipurpose room. According to Mrs. Alman, the organizer of the event, this will provide the KIS teams an opportunity to raise money for their trips and give the kids "some things to do so they are not just running around and being crazy."

When asked, "How will this night differ from the previous ones?", Mrs. Alman explained: 
The other thing that we've done in the past is we've raffled baskets that were representative of different countries; and we are considering this year, instead of using the specific countries to make baskets, letting homeroom classes make baskets and in a way, to demonstrate how many different countries are represented in one classroom.
The International Night is a wonderful event that unites the multicultural community at KIS. However, it requires the commitment of many people. To help arrange a country's table or offer some other type of assistance, please come to room 296 in the Middle School building after-school on Monday, January 14th. For more details, contact Mrs. Alman at

By Olexandra Rovinska