Sunday, February 10, 2013

Go-Karting Champion

by Anastasiya Zamula

Champion of Ukraine in junior class, champion of the Ukrainian cup, 3rd place in the Championship of Germany, these are just a few of the titles that Iilya Zamula has,  nevertheless, he is only 11 years old. People who achieve titles in sports know how much determination and strength it takes to accomplish the work and become the best.

Though it looks like it's a lot of pressure for an 11 year old boy, doing something that you love will always bring joy and satisfaction. Go- Karting is a sport that takes time to master the art of driving to beat the competition. Many people choose this sport because of a love for speed and the adrenalin it creates. Iilya's love story with Go-Karting began like this:

It used to be only a hobby that me and my family would do on weekends, simply for fun. But once,  I was purposed to race in a competition and I agreed. It was my first race and though I came in last place, I was purposed to do a test drive on  the real Go-Karting arena to show what I can do. My dad thought that I should try, so I did.  I began racing for real and my dad even bought me a real karting car. That is how my competition for the first place started. From the last place, I began to achieve higher and higher until I became a champion. There is still more to accomplish, I am considering being a Go-Kart driver as a career and eventually go on to Formula 1. 

 Iilya is practicing every day during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, while traveling to numerous places such as Germany, Italy, Romania,  and Russia. It is not so easy for Iilya to balance school, Go Kart competitions, and friends, but he loves what he is doing. He says, sometimes I want to hang out with my friends more, or travel somewhere with my mom and sisters, but I can't since me, my dad, and my trainer are traveling for the races. Well, it is the price one has to pay in order to keep up a sports career and become a well deserved title champion. It is always amazing to know of great and talented students that are a part of our KIS community. Good luck to you all, and keep on achieving your dreams.