Friday, February 1, 2013

Indoor Soccer

 By: Brian Jung

Skiing, snowboarding, basketball, ice hockey, ice skating, but what about soccer in the winter? KIS recently started an indoor soccer program for middle school students on Saturday afternoons from 2 to 4 PM.

Mrs. Rachel Geary, Coordinator of MS Indoor Soccer

The purpose of starting indoor soccer was because there are many kids who want to play soccer even though its winter, says Mrs. Rachel Geary, the coordinator of the program. Also it's a great time to exercise during the weekends when you do not have much to do. You can practice your soccer skills and just have fun. The indoor soccer has been going on for 2 weeks so far on Saturdays, and they will play a total of 5 weeks in this round. Once these 5 weeks are over, they will start a new round so that new people can join. If the weather is good we might play outdoors, said Mrs. Geary.

Min Sung Kim
Min Sung, who is one of the students that goes to Saturday indoor soccer.  He said that he joined indoor soccer, because if I don't play soccer during the winter, my skills will not improve. Since we  playing in a small space, my passing and dribbling got better. We've also been working on free kicks, penalties and corner kicks. When I ask Min sung the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer, he said well to play indoor soccer, you need some basic skills, because there is barely space, but outdoor soccer, it is a big field and there is lots of space, so it is much easier to play.       

Indoor soccer is  a great sport plus exercise during the winter months. Middle school students, come on out and join in the next round. For more information, contact Mrs. Geary at