Monday, February 4, 2013

Preschool International Days

German Presentation
USA, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Japan, and Russia. Yes, the International Night already passed, but not the Preschool International Days.

During Preschool International Days, children's parents visit the classroom in order to represent their country. Everyone takes their own approach; some bring treats and souveniers, while others tell traditional folk tales and share pictures. Either way, it is always a memorable event for the kids, as well as for the adults.

Mrs. Weickum's 4-year-old class, for example, is having presentations from January 22nd until February 5th. She informed KISToday that this always occurs around the International Night, but each preschool teacher is free to handle things their own way.

Ukrainian Presentation
This can also serve as a great way to strengthen the children's understanding of the curriculumn. "We just finished our unit on transportation,"  Mrs. Michelle Weickum explained, "So when we have a presentation from a parent, I show the kids a map of the world and ask them what is the best way to get to that country from Ukraine? Should we take a car, a train, an airplane or a boat?"

In conclusion, Mrs. Weickum described her goals for the events:
I am hoping to enhance the children's understanding of their differences while giving them an opportunity to practice respect for others. I am also hoping that they can each gain some pride for their origin and the unique cultures they come from. By having their parents come in, it helps strengthen the support that each student has, both at home and at school.
The Preschool International Days are a great way to unite parents, teachers, and students in the celebration of cultures. The vast differences enhance the excitement of the presentations!
By Olexandra Rovinska