Friday, February 1, 2013

Santa's Little Helpers

They are small, but they have big hearts. They love sweets and gifting presents. Their work is full of joy. They do things to make others happy. They are responsible, caring, and energetic. And most importantly, they have a leader who guides them.

You might be thinking that it is Santa and his elves, but this is referring to the Elementary Humanitarian Club and its organizer, Mrs. Bateman, "the real power behind the effort".

The Humanitarian Club has been an elementary activities option for over four years. "I don't think I've ever seen a vacancy on the roster," commented Mr. Black, an assistant of the club. The Club is always full of students ready to help others. This is how Mr. Black described the participants:
The kids that I've met and known are basically all good, conscientious, responsible youngsters interested in doing things for others. Whether that is for other individuals or groups, they care and want to show it. They work hard to make things happen, whether it's picking up the recycled paper from the classrooms, fundraising, or gathering items for people less fortunate than themselves. They make posters, cash collection boxes, clean up, and put away without complaint, for the most part.
When interviewed, children shared their experiences about helping people. One of the members said that she usually helps her mother around the house by doing laundry. When the other participants began exclaiming things like "I don't know how to do laundry," she quickly explained, "It's so easy! You put it in the washing machine, put the soap on, press the button, and boom, you're done!"

The enthusiasm of the students really drives the Elementary Humanitarian Club. As Mrs. Bateman informed, they create posters, prepare seasonal presents, and provide school supplies, amongst numerous other things. As for right now, they are collecting cash to buy vitamins for orphans. The elementary classroom that has the highest amount of donations by next Tuesday, February 4th, will receive well-deserved chips and soda.

However, there can never be too many volunteers in humanitarian activities. If you want to contribute, but you are not a part of the elementary, it is not a problem. Contact Mrs. Bateman at for any extra information!

By Olexandra Rovinska