Sunday, February 10, 2013

Social Skills and The Middle School Dance

Indoor soccer is not the only social activity that has been happening in Middle School for the past weeks. The Middle School dance became the main focus for those who where looking forward to Friday, January 25th to dance and socialize with friends.

The dance was held in the KIS lobby where food and refreshments were provided. Near the entrance Rommen, a secondary student, and DJ of the dance, played booming beats which helped fire up the atmosphere along with colored lights that flashed across the dance floor.

"Epic, awesome, and fabulous" were just some of the adjectives used by the attendees when asked to describe the dance. Statuses like "The dance was amazing", and "The dance was pretty cool" quickly flooded Facebook after the event had finished. "What I liked the most was dancing with different people." Rick informed.  Ziad claimed that his favorite part of the dance was the variety of music and the fact that it was remixed."I really liked how the music was played." agreed Jiwon. "They sometimes added music together which was really nice."

Having a middle school student as a member of my family, I realized how much they are looking forward to the events like this. As we grow up, we don't give as much attention to those small fun events that happen once in a while, but those little celebrations are important for our Middle School students.

It is important to appreciate the need for communication and social activity in kids life, since it will make them become productive citizens of the community. Texting with friends, talking on the phone, uploading photos to social networks, and updating statuses may sound like a waste of time to many parents, but kids care about things like that. Though many people would agree that communicating in person is more beneficial than talking through social networking, the combination of those two are what balances social characteristics in our teen generations. Talking on a phone with a best friend, or playing outside with the kids from the neighborhood can make a child healthier mentally and stimulate them towards achievements in school and activities.

Socializing with others builds social skills from a young age and helps one to succeed in the future. Infants, as well, should be supported in their want to socialize with each other, since it brings beneficial changes into their lives and makes them happier. KIS helps to build those skills, and the Middle School dance is just one example of the many social activities that KIS provides.

By Nadia Rendon and Anastasiya Zamula