Monday, February 11, 2013

Stop & Think: Restore the Appreciation

By Olexandra Rovinska

Recently my friend, Sasha, came with me to KIS for the International Night. Although she attends a prestigious Ukrainian school, my stories made her fall in love with KIS. When we arrived to the International festival, I immediately gave her a tour of the school. She was fascinated by everything, but the elementary building is what really won her heart. "You have such talent at your school!" she said, mesmerized by the art projects all over the hallways.

That phrase, and especially the emotion behind it, changed my whole perception of aesthetic appreciation. I have been at this school for over eight years. I grew up, and along with the years, passed my appreciation of beautiful art work that was once so significant. Why do we simply forget? Why do we stop caring?

Every day, hundreds of middle school and secondary students walk through the elementary hallways. Those walls are covered with beautiful posters, those doors are decorated in bright colors, and the window sills are occupied by creative works. Nonetheless, everyone seems oblivious to the beauty. Everyone is in a hurry to the cafeteria, gym, or some other destination. What is even worse though, is when the overfilled bags brush against the works causing damage. It takes a child many hours to put together that little something, but the great effort can be completely ruined just in one second? This does not seem fair.

Even for me, it took an outsider's view to realize all of this. I am sure, that most of the schools around the world do not have such wonderful displays, including Sasha's school. People often say that we should appreciate what we have. Although this phrase is used in reference to people, it can definitely be applied to aesthetic beauty. Imagine KIS without posters, paintings, and crafts. It would never be the same place.

Next time you are walking through the elementary building, please take a moment to just look around! Notice, respect, and appreciate the small masterpieces all around. Do not ignore the brilliant colors of life!