Wednesday, February 13, 2013

True or False, Germans Know How to Have Fun?

By Nadia Rendon

Italians have the Carnivale. The French have Mardi Gras, and Americans have Fat Tuesday. Regardless of what you prefer to call it, they all symbolize the same thing: fun! The carnival season has arrived in many places of the world and Kiev is no exception.

Daud and Edina, the greatest couple at KIS secondary, 
 dressed in their hippy/Greek goddess costumes
Last Saturday the KIS staff, students, and family members dressed up and gathered together for a night full of dancing and fun at the annual German Carnival which took place at the Dim Ditey house. The 70's and 80's theme of the event was reflected in the creative decorations and music, which included greatest hits, oldies, and Schlager songs. 

There was a guitar player and a singer. The songs they played were actually songs from today's hits, not from the 1970's. However, there was a DJ the whole time who provided all kinds of music, the majority being German, participant Edina shared with KISToday.

One of the most known characteristics of carnivals is dressing up. Despite the set theme, a large variety of costumes were seen. 

The theme was supposed to be 70's and 80's but people just came in different styles; from medieval knight, up to being a robot and spiderman. Daud reflected. I dressed up as as hippie.

I dressed up as a Greek goddess, which didn't really connect to the theme, but I thought it'd be cool. Edina added. The point was to put a fun costume on!

The family oriented ambient even took out the kid in every adult. According to Daud, the adults started dancing around in a choo choo train formation. The party was an over success providing both kids and adults with an enjoyable Saturday night!